We Boomer Grandparents Should Consider Being Realistic About Pet Adoption and Include Our Fur Babies in Our Wills and/or Create a Pet Trust for Their Care Upon Our Disability or Death

Now that the new year 2024 is upon us, let us make a resolution to take care of our pets so they are cared for forever. When PopPop and I were ready to adopt two kittens, we were asked if we had plans for their care after our deaths as their life expectancy is twenty […]

We Boomer Grandparents Should Consider Being Realistic About Pet Adoption and Include Our Fur Babies in Our Wills and/or Create a Pet Trust for Their Care Upon Our Disability or Death

When PopPop and I were ready to adopt two kittens, we were asked if we had plans for their care after our deaths as their life expectancy is twenty years or more. We did not consider this when we thought to bring these new family members into our home. We adopted two brothers from the […]

Twelve Tips on How We Grandparents Can Help the Parents of Our Grandchildren Survive Home 24-7 With Their Children

This Grandma tells the parents of our grandchildren that if they lament that a grandchild is behind in a skill or learning that the grandchild will learn it before they walk down the aisle at his or her wedding.  This is a time to repeat this to the parents of our grandchildren.  This is an […]

Grandma’s View on I Pad Toilet Training

My Mother prided herself on the fact that she toilet trained me at six months.  I never really believed her until I toilet trained my children.  Then I realized that my mother was toilet trained.  She knew when to put me on the potty and did.  Apparently, I must have been like my youngest grandson […]

Looking Back, Moving our grandchildren’s Lives Forward: “If I had My Child to Raise Over Again” and “Children Live What They Learn”

When, as a Grandma, I look back on my parenting years, I remember that raising and nurturing children was PART of my life.  I also had a marriage to nurture.  I also had a career to nurture.  I also had friendships and relationships to nurture.    I could go on.  Sometimes, I felt I was on […]

Best Brain Quest for Our Grandchildren

One of my favorite grandchild gifts is BrainQuest.  We can start when our grandchild is a toddler.  This is a small item in size and price but enormous in quality.  Grandchildren can pick up BrainQuest anywhere, take it anywhere and will enjoy it everywhere!  It is called a “deck,” but unlike a deck of cards, […]

Happy Mother’s Day 2013!

On May 8, 2013, the Miami Herald quoted Nicole Eggert, describing her as a single mother of two, as having told People Magazine: “The kids’ needs come first, work comes second, and I come third.” Great quote.   Real life quote.  However, this Grandma has no idea who Nicole Eggert is.  So, I googled her.  Here […]

War on Boys Affects our Grandsons

When I wrote, “Our Grandsons Have to Be Prepared to Support Themselves in Our Evolving Society,” I knew about the book, “The War on Boys,” written by Christina Hoff Sommers, written almost twelve years ago, and wrote about what I had learned that our grandsons needed. Then I opened the Sunday New York Times,February 2, […]

Grandma Says Shift the Focus from Moms and Dads Wanting to “Have it All” to the Family Team

The Today Show on NBC on Friday, March 15, 2013 had a segment on new research which “shows that as more moms join the workforce, men want to spend more time at home with their kids, creating a new paradigm of family dynamics.” So, it seems, just when Moms realized they cannot have it all, Dads […]

Homeland Security Assessing Schools

Newtown, Ct. is close to where our Connecticut grandchildren live.  Visiting our grandchildren, this Grandma went to a school meeting with their mother.  Of course, security was a prime issue.  The principal told the parents that Homeland Security spent two days at the school assessing security.  The school officials had to answer a survey containing […]

Making Of a Grandchild, Minus the Couple

The Sunday New York Times, Style Section, February 10, 2013, had the following headline article, “Making a Child, Minus the Couple: Pairs of Single People Wishing to Have Biological Children are Creating a New Sort of Family”  The author, Abby Ellin, mentions:  “ . . . a new breed of online daters, looking not for […]

Grandma Bonding with Grandchild With Jokes

When my grandson turned five, he learned what a joke was.  Of course, it was a great way to stay on the telephone with a five year old, so I immediately looked for children’s books containing jokes.  I bought two of the same book, one to keep at our house and one to keep at […]

Bingo! Be Traditional or Go to The Three Best Multigenerational iPad Bingo Apps

Bingo has become our indoor multigenerational family game.  No, really.  We are going to the Disney Vero Beach Resort for a multigenerational vacation and are excited they have a family bingo game.  My daughters and I have gone to Canyon Ranch in Lenox every year for a bonding weekend for more years than I can […]

Grandma and the Challenges of Aging

A dear Grandma friend has been a marital and family therapist for over forty years.  Now she specializes in geriatric therapy.  Talking to her the other night, she mentioned that she is finding that the challenge of aging is the greatest challenge of life.  I said, no, young adulthood and raising young children was the […]

Choosing to Remain Single v. Grandma Waiting for an Adult Child to Marry to Reap the Reward of Grandchildren

I recently read a Dear Abby column in The Miami Herald which has a common theme among those of us waiting for a child to marry to reap the reward of grandchildren. Dear Abby:  My 31 year old daughter, “Layla,” is beautiful, accomplished and earns a good living.  She has a lot of friends and […]

Tips for Grandma Visits: Getting What You Wish For

One of my Grandma friends with whom I have shared Grandma Lessons is the mother of a son.  She wanted Grandma Lessons so she would be the one her son and daughter-in-law relied upon.  She wanted to be the hands on grandma with an intimate relationship with her grandchildren.  Eight years later, we discussed her […]

Being With a Grandchild is Fattening: Five Best Tips for Grandma Weight Maintenance

My youngest grandchild had his adenoids out and tubes in his ears because of recurrent ear infections. Since he could not leave the house and both parents work full time, this Grandma came to help. But, only after his mommy was there to snuggle with him the day of surgery–I wanted him to have that […]

Grandma’s Chaos and Quiet

This Grandma’s home is comfortable for two adults.  This spring break the occupancy went up to a crowded eleven.  Everyone came into town.  We had wall to wall children and grandchildren eating, sleeping, and playing in a space built for two.  Somehow, it works.  Fortunately, we spend a lot of time outside in Florida. Grandpa […]

Why this Long Distance Grandma No Longer Envies Local Grandmas

All of our grandchildren have been here for spring break for a week.  Today, Grandpa turned to me and said, “I think we need to repaint after the grandchildren leave.”  One week of riding toys and grandchildren banging against the walls and it shows.  With regard to grandchildren banging against the walls, this is true.  […]

Top Tips for Grandma to take a Toddler to Chuck E. Cheese

Presidents’ Day it was freezing. Finding an inside activity for a five year old and two year old was easy. Chuck E. Cheese was close. Pizza and one token games and rides for the grandchildren was the plan. Off we went. It seemed that everyone in the local area had the same idea.  It was […]

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