Six Tips On How Grandma Can Be the Maternity Concierge and Continuing Concierge to the Parents of Our Grandchildren Or Not

The Today Show, on May 11, 2017, had a segment about an admirable new project, maternity concierge, that businesses are starting. They featured a bank that has established a maternity concierge.   Watch the video segment: The featured bank found that they were losing their female employees who were on maternity leave and they found that […]

Adults of Every Age Should Know Why Cataracts Probably Will Be In Our Future Not Only Because We Are Living Longer And There is a Very Expensive Silver Lining If We Can Afford It

This Grandma recently watched Grandpa go through cataract surgery and saw how truly effortless it was, other than having to do one eye at a time for safety, and going through the experience twice.  As with so many things, I deny and avoid anything that points to our long (we never say old) age.  I […]

Grandma’s Top Ten of “Travel and Leisure Magazine’s Thirty three Brilliant Ways to Actually Use Your Travel Photos” for Grandchildren to Remember Our Multigenerational Family Vacations

Yes, this Grandma is on Twitter.  Barely.  I do not know how to add anyone or anything.  All I have is what my son-in-law originally did for me and what my grandson helped me add. . . once.  I keep forgetting to bother them further.  When I am with grandchildren I am so busy that […]

When GOOP hits a home run on Baby Superfoods, Baby Supplies and More We Grandmas Have a Great Resource To Share With Or Use To Do For the Parents of Our Grandchildren

When Gwyneth Paltrow appeared on every talk show about her new venture, GOOP, and it was advertised everywhere, a long while ago, out of pure curiosity, this Grandma signed up for emails. Over the years, I probably have deleted more than I read. I chalked it up to a generational gap and, secondly, that the […]

What Could Be the Connection Between Neurological Changes in Our Brains When We Become Grandparents and Our Grandchildren’s Shoelaces That Never Stay Tied Even When We Grandparent Experts Have Taught Them

It does not matter if I am with the thirteen year old or six year old grandchildren.  Both the youngest and oldest, and the grandchildren in between, consistently have their shoelaces untied.  With all the grandchildren, I feel I am constantly saying, let me tie your shoelaces because they are untied and I am worried […]

Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers That Grandmas Want Plus Those They May Not Yet Know They Need

Each year it gets harder and harder to buy gifts for today’s grandmothers and great grandmothers.  When it comes to Mother’s Day, everyone wants to give a gift, but what does this Grandma think are gifts that will be hits for 2017?  Remember, grandmas and great grandmas do not want you to spend great sums […]

Janie and Jack is Still At The Top of Quality Baby and Young Children Clothing

When I opened my April 24, 2017 People Magazine to the “All in The Family” page, there were the cutest children and baby.  The baby was Luna, the one year old daughter of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.  She was photographed with the Easter Bunny wearing the most beautiful pink dress with a large pink […]

What To Do When Our Grandchildren’s Germs Leave Us With Choices That Our Doctor Advises Against

I just left my dentist’s office after looking at the video screen gross slide of all of the various kinds of living and moving micro organisms in my mouth and having him remind me that there are 80 million bacteria in my mouth alone, much less the rest of my body. He proceeded to tell […]

How To Get Your Grandchildren To Help With Spring Cleaning With Common Household Foods and Fruits Doing the Work

This Grandma is always viewing television segments on the Today Show with an eye on how to use what they teach with grandchildren.  You could never imagine that spring cleaning would be something that could be used to get grandchildren interested, but April 18, 2017, the Today show segment was all about using foods and […]

Popsicle Molds and Homemade Healthy Colorful Popsicles to Make With Or For Grandchildren of All Ages

Yes, the parents of our grandchildren are anti sugar everything, unless it is they who are rewarding our grandchildren with candy.  This Grandma discovered that this spring break when a grandchild was bribed with candy by a parent!  That is a grandparent’s job!  But, as is one of this Grandma’s mantras, we say nothing to […]

Painting With Fruits and Vegetables and Creating Great Block Prints Capable of Framing is Not For Adults Only

On the Today Show, April 6, 2017, DIY (do it yourself) spring art projects were presented to spruce up the home for spring.  One of the art projects involved taking a cut piece of eggplant or an artichoke and dipping into a paint color, and making a block painting on a white paper.  The modern […]

At What Age Will Our Grandchildren Remember Their Childhood Trips and Adventures With Us

This Grandma loves our multi generational trips and adventures which began when our first grandson was a toddler.  Our first trip was to Atlantis in the Bahamas.  We look at pictures of him in his Bahamian shirt lounging and drinking his bottle in this tropical paradise and still smile.  He has no recollection. Recently Grandpa […]

Praising Behavior has Changed in This Generation and Must We Grandparents Change With It

Good boy! Good girl! We used to say that to our children for a job well done. Now it is preserved for our animals. WebMD has a great general article on how praising behavior has changed in this generation. We are to praise what the grandchildren do, the process, rather than end result.  After all, […]

National Monopoly Day Rollout of New Playing Pieces Shows The Board Game’s Continuing popularity for Nearly A Century Still Keeping Sibling Rivalry Alive

This Grandma recently spent time with Grandpa and her younger brother, during which the younger brother bemoaned playing Monopoly with Grandma in his youth.  He said that I cheated and proceeded to recount all the ways that I cheated at Monopoly when we played together.  I was amazed he could remember such detail more than […]

Holiday and Easter and Passover Bargains and Fabulous Free Guides

We grandmas are always looking for special things to mail grandchildren for holidays.  The grandchildren love getting presents in the mail.  I am always surprised at where I find bargains. Williams Sonoma For Easter, as with other holidays, Williams Sonoma has special sales and free shipping no matter the price!   They have Easter candy for […]

This Grandma’s Review of Disney’s Andi Mack is Not What the Disney Channel Executives Want to Hear

This Grandma likes to be cool and in the know.  When I read about a new Disney Channel series that was touted to be creative, curious and progressive, I wanted to know more.  The New York Times, March 13, 2017, had an article that caught my eye, “As Kids Mature Faster, Disney Adapts.” Andi Mack, […]

Consider Introducing Your Grandchildren To The World, Beginning with Paris

Our oldest grandson’s favorite city in the world is Paris.  With all the news about Paris and concerns about safety, Grandpa and I wanted to take him to the most beautiful city in the world, but were also concerned about safety.  Fortunately, we had the guidance of Parisian friends who assured us that we should […]

I Wish Groovaroo Was Around When The Parents Of Our Grandchildren Were Babies

When this Grandma was a new mother, I loved to dance with my babies. . . in the privacy of my home.  It enabled me to be silly and funny and not worry that I was not a good dancer.  It took me over thirty years later to join a Zumba class and realize that […]

Fruity Pebbles French Toast and Other Favorite Cereal Coated Foods Grandchildren Will Love to Make and Eat

French toast is a treat the grandchildren ask for immediately when this Grandma visits.  Who else would make it for them on a school day morning?  I always serve it with syrup and cinnamon sugar and was surprised I never thought of coating it with one of their favorite cereals.  Cookbook author Jocelyn Delk Adams […]

Telling Grandchildren About the Beginning of Television Now That We Are Nearing Its End As We Know It

This past February 2017, NBC television celebrated 90 years of programming.  That is GG’s (great grandparent’s) generation, but we grandparents can claim we remember the beginnings of children’s programming on television. This Grandma believes that we should share our history and childhood with our grandchildren to preserve and pass along how we lived.  I never […]