Homeland Security Assessing Schools

School SecurityNewtown, Ct. is close to where our Connecticut grandchildren live.  Visiting our grandchildren, this Grandma went to a school meeting with their mother.  Of course, security was a prime issue.  The principal told the parents that Homeland Security spent two days at the school assessing security.  The school officials had to answer a survey containing 500 questions.

After interviews and review, our grandchildren’s school got high marks for being very safety

conscious.  Their security guard knows the children’s names and can identify who belongs and who doesn’t.   The school is taking Homeland Security’s recommendations seriously.  Changes are being made to upgrade security even more.  More security cameras are being added.  The public address system is being upgraded in each classroom and outside the school.

I watched the parents during the school meeting.  They alternated from holding their breath to sighs.  After all, Newtown is close in miles and close in time.  Everyone was mesmerized.

I was impressed.  I was impressed by the Homeland Security analysis and response.  I was impressed by the school’s analysis and response.  I was impressed by the parents’ involvement and response.

We can now only pray Newtown never happens again.

Ask the parents of your grandchildren if the grandchildren’s school is making a security analysis. Ask them to find out how to get one.

We Grandparents must be vocal and proactive in the protection of our precious grandchildren.

With a Heavy Heart,



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