Christmas and Chanukah, Two of the Best Holiday Gift Resources for the Newest and Best Top Rated Toys and Games for Children of All Ages at All Price Points and The Easiest Way To Find Them All

This Grandma found the Oppenheimer Toy Awards years ago.  It should be the first place to look for award winning toys and games for 2023 for children of all ages.  Why?  They are researched and tested by children of the targeted age group and give you the newest and best at all price … [Continue reading]

Grandma Gets Ready Early for the Holidays 2023: Best Newborn and Baby Gifts for Chanukah or Christmas 2023

A new baby in the family is a joy. This Grandma gets ready for the holidays early for newborn and baby gifts, and Chanukah starts December 7 this year.  Searching Toy Portfolio for the best Oppenheimer Toy Award platinum award winning toys is the first place I look.  The 2023 Platinum award … [Continue reading]

The Truth Is Most Painful

My Mother, a Holocaust survivor, experienced inhumanity to man that I would wish on no one.  She raised me with tikkun olam (meaning committed to … [Continue reading]

The Five Best Rules and Regulations For In-Law Parents and All Grandparents That Make Them The Indispensable Go-To Grandparents

Why does this Grandma use the terms “rules and Regulations” and for “in-law parents”? If you, the reader, are asking, then you are new to my … [Continue reading]

Invaluable Advice From Two Masters on Traveling Throughout Your Life

This Grandma is a child of Holocaust survivors. My mother was the only survivor of her village in Poland.* My father, a survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto … [Continue reading]

An American Holocaust Survivor’s Child’s Perspective on the October 7, 2023 Hamas Surprise Attack on Civilian Israelis

So much has been said since the October 7, 2023, surprise attack by the terrorist group, Hamas, on civilian Israelis.  As a child of Holocaust … [Continue reading]

Where Do You Fall In the Controversy Over Clear Plastic or Bullet Proof School Backpacks For Our Grandchildren or Neither At All

It is easy to want to put school shootings out of your mind.  Then school starts and the issue is again in front of you or put in front of you on … [Continue reading]

Easy Nutella Pops Made With Three Ingredients To Make With Grandchildren, Beginning with Toddlers

This Grandma always checks whether I have written a previous blog post on a topic before I write a new post on a topic. I am always on a hunt to … [Continue reading]

Dirt, Nuts, Bad Hygiene and Habits Such As Nail Biting and Thumb Sucking May Have A Benefit After All And Newest Technique to Try to Replace Those Behaviors

Whenever a parent of a grandchild is worried about something the grandchild is or is not doing, such as sleeping through the night, or toilet … [Continue reading]

Pay Attention To Signs Of Pancreatic Cancer, Known and Common Risk and Symptoms, Lesser Known Symptoms and Risk Factors, Know the Best Treatment Available Where There is Also Promising News

PopPop died five years and two months after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  It is not pure luck.  It was hard work and ups and … [Continue reading]

To Have the Most Access to and the Best Relationship with Your Grandchildren, Always Go First to the Parent of Your Grandchildren Who is Your Child About Any Issue

I initially wrote this blog post a few years ago. One long (we never say old) dear friend has a new baby grandson who lives nearby with her son, his … [Continue reading]

Maternity Clothing Then and Now, Its Future and More For Women, Being Created, Fostered, and Modeled by Rihana

When I look at the photographs of the maternity clothing my mother wore when pregnant with me in 1946 and the maternity clothing I wore in 1973, they … [Continue reading]

The Most Significant Difference in Florida’s Evolution From “Early Bird” Comedian Fodder to Cool and Sophisticated “Happy Hour” As Mainstream Post COVID

This Grandma becomes a fifty-year Florida resident this month. Half a century. Hard to believe. When I moved to what is now called the Greater Fort … [Continue reading]

Reading and Writing Cursive May No Longer be Taught to Our Grandchildren: An Easy Three Step Process For Grandparents to Teach Grandchildren How to Create A Cursive Signature of Their Own

When this Grandma was a child, I remember hearing about how some would mark their signature with an X because they could not read or write.  … [Continue reading]

There is One Summer Pool and Beach Toy for 2013 That Is Addictive To Children Age Three and Up

This Grandma looks for summer pool and beach toys every year, trying to find a true winner. The first place I look is the Oppenheimer Toy Awards,  … [Continue reading]

When Does A Widow Take Off Her Wedding Band and How to Provide Support In the Grieving Process With Compassion

My blog,, has evolved over almost a dozen years, from just being about grandmothering, to grandparenting, to“parenting” … [Continue reading]

This Five Star Chocolate Dump Cake Wins The Best Dump Cake Award

Blog.6.21.23.This Five Star Chocolate Dump Cake Wins The Best Dump Cake Award More than anything else,this Grandma loves chocolate of any kind, … [Continue reading]

Why Not to Use ChatGPT As Your Travel Agent and Why and How to Use Tripadvisor As Your Best Option to Find the Best at the Best Price, Including This Grandma’s Already Planned Itineraries for Couples, Family and Multigenerational Family Vacations Using Tripadvisor

When I saw “How To Make A.I. Your Personal Shopper,” in the New York Times, Tuesday, June 20, 2023, I was excited that the author, Brian X. Chen, gave … [Continue reading]

With U.S. Births Held Flat, Can We Boomers Expect to Be Grandparents, How Do We Help to Become Grandparents, and the Ambivalence About It

I distinctly remember exactly where I was when I first found out I was going to be a grandmother for the first time.  I admit the exhilaration … [Continue reading]

We Boomers are Asking The Wrong Generation If They Want Our Prized Possessions As We Do Our Spring Cleaning or Downsize

We Boomers are downsizing, or so I continually hear in the news and media.  Moreover, especially during spring cleaning time, articles and advice … [Continue reading]

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