.We Over Seventy Seven Million Boomers of which Seventy Million are Boomer Grandparents Have the Power And Ability To Fight The “Disinformation Dozen” As They Are A Life Threatening Danger To Our Grandchildren

REMEMBER THESE TWELVE NAMES. 1.Joseph Mercola 2. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 3. Ty & Charlene Bollinger 4. Sherri Tenpenny 5. Rizza Islam 6. Rashid Buttar 7. Erin Elizabeth 8 Sayer Ji 9. Kelly Brogan 10. Christiane Northrup 11. Ben Tapper 12. Kevin Jenkins … [Continue reading]

Winning the Battle But Losing the War By Failing to Follow Whatever New Parents’ Have As Their Rules

he headline on Fox News was: “Dad sends in-laws strict 'guidelines' for visiting newborn baby and it doesn't go well” https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/dad-in-laws-guidelines-visiting-baby The author, Gerren Keith Gaynor, called the new father a “helicopter parent” for his list of very … [Continue reading]

Good News For Us Postmenopausal Chocoholics: An Extra Large Milk Chocolate Bar Twice A Day Is Found to Have Health Benefits Inbox

This Grandma is an unapologetic chocoholic. As I previously shared, I fed my first baby warmed chocolate fudge at three months old, one baby spoonful … [Continue reading]

It Cannot Get Easier than A Fourth of July Red, White, and Blue Cake Made In Minutes For 2021 Celebration Finally With Family and Friends


Even President Biden says it is time to celebrate! This Fourth of July 2021 is most special as many of us have not enjoyed the company of family and … [Continue reading]

Worms in Strawberries and Levels of Filth, Mold, and Insects Allowed in Our Food By The FDA Oh My!

Growing up with Holocaust survivor parents, our refrigerator and pantry overflowed with food. So much food that there was spoilage. That did not … [Continue reading]

The Best Reason Our Grand babies Need More Sleep Than We Do: Chart of Sleep We Need By Age Group


This Grandma happened upon a great article on line, “How much sleep you need, depending on your age,” by Dana McMakin, May 14, 2021, MIC. The best … [Continue reading]

A Royal Becomes A Spokesperson On Menopause So Maybe The Discussion Will Take On The Importance It Should

Hush! Hush!   Maybe no more.   “Sophie, Countess of Wessex is lifting the shroud of silence that surrounds women's health topics … [Continue reading]

The Boomer’s Best Secret Weapon in America is Finally Being Appreciated and Respected

This Boomer Grandma has been hearing this for what seems like eons: Americans do not appreciate and sufficiently respect its elders. Then, I had … [Continue reading]

Father’s Day After the Pandemic Shutdown: Planning Get Togethers and More Gift Ideas

Last year, Father’s Day was like no other, and this Grandma acknowledged that with gifts appropriate to that experience. Father’s Day 2020 is a … [Continue reading]

Gray Divorce is not About What You Are Reading In the Media: Hear It From A Retired Family Court Judge

The media hoopla around the divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates is the impetus for this blog post and my sharing of my thoughts on “gray” and “white” … [Continue reading]

Four 2021 Best Inexpensive Gadgets For Feeding Toddlers and Preschoolers That Are Perfect Baby Shower, First Birthday, and Visit Gifts That Parents Will Appreciate

We grandparents, (AV) after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, are planning multiple trips to visit grandchildren. We Florida grandparents love that our … [Continue reading]

The One Major Impetus For Our Friends and relatives To Be Vaccinated Against COVID-19 As Soon As It Is Available To Them

There are risks to each of our choices as whether to vaccinate or not vaccinate for COVID-19. To think there are no risks is risky. We have no … [Continue reading]

Spring and Summer Dessert Pizza Recipes after Pizza for Breakfast

It is hard for this Grandma to realize that I have been sharing “grandma lessons” since September 2011, almost ten years.  What is harder to believe … [Continue reading]

The 2021 Best Mother’s Day Gift For Grandmas Is Also The Most Important

Mother’s Day 2021 is Sunday, May 9. The 2021 Best Mother’s Day gift is also the most important. If you add up the days, minutes or hours that we … [Continue reading]

We Grandparents Want to Share That The Best Time of Life Comes After a Lifetime of Living

During the pandemic PopPop records programs to watch and I keep a list of Netflix and Amazon programming, which we cannot prerecord.  Such has been … [Continue reading]

Two Best Moisturizers That Take Care Of This Grandma’s Wrinkly Crepey Thighs, Skin and Neck Beautifully

This Grandma has a dear long (we never say old) friend who must have been a medicine woman in another life.Whenever I or a member of our family has … [Continue reading]

After A Year of Living With the Pandemic, We Vaccinated Grandparents Share the Joy of Hugging Grandchildren


We grandparents have made it. We have lived through a year of the pandemic, COVID-19. We have been in isolation, one of worst parts of which has been … [Continue reading]

Dr. Fauci Has Spoken: We Will Possibly Be Wearing Masks in 2022 and These are the Best New Masks, Including for Children, and Real N95 and KN95 Masks

February 22, 2021, Dr. Anthony Fauci was interviewed on CNN and said “that it's "possible" Americans will still need to wear masks in 2022 to protect … [Continue reading]

To Have the Most Access to and the Best Relationship with Your Grandchildren, Always Go First to the Parent of Your Grandchildren Who is Your Child About Any Issue

I initially wrote this blog post a few years ago, long before the word “pandemic” was in our everyday vocabulary and has taken over our lives.  It has … [Continue reading]

Weekly Zoom With the Family Is A Positive Benefit of the Pandemic

Weekly zoom

GG (Great Grandmother) Lee is 97 years old. We got her an IPad years ago as a birthday present and she is pretty proficient. Since the start of the … [Continue reading]