Top Tips for Grandma to take a Toddler to Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. CheesePresidents’ Day it was freezing. Finding an inside activity for a five year old and two year old was easy. Chuck E. Cheese was close. Pizza and one token games and rides for the grandchildren was the plan. Off we went. It seemed that everyone in the local area had the same idea.  It was mobbed!

From previous visits, we know the pizza and salad bar are good.  We like Chuck E. Cheese stamping everyone’s hand on arrival and checking when we leave that we all belong together.  We like the hand sanitizer at the entrance and exit.  We were ready to go.

Grandpa took the five year old and Grandma took the two year old.

Tip number one for Grandma:  take the older grandchild.

I do not think I have yet recovered from chasing a two year old around a crowded Chuck E. Cheese.  He can scoot between and among legs.  Grandma cannot.  I thought I lost him several times.  When I did catch up to him, I had to grab him before he got clobbered by older children whose basketball, ski ball, small ball or large ball he tried to grab or did grab from their hands.  It did not matter how large or small the child, if he saw a ball in their hands, he yelled, “mine” and grabbed.  If he wanted to go on a ride, he wanted off within ten seconds.  As soon as the ride stopped, of course he wanted on again.  When the pizza was ready, he would not eat as he wanted to play.  The Sky tube was the best for a two year old.

Tip number two for Grandma:  Do not try to feed a two year old at Chuck E. Cheese after the toddler has played games and gone on rides.

After much stress, this Grandma convinced Grandpa to switch grandchildren. What a difference!  Chuck E. Cheese is perfect for a five year old with whom one can reason and who can wait his turn and actually play the games.  It gave me an opportunity to see others with two year olds experiencing what I had experienced with mine.

We brought the leftover tokens home.  When the father of our grandchildren arrived home early and saw the tokens, he said he wanted to take the children back to play again.  I inquired, “both of them?”  He responded, “of course.”

Tip number three:  Buy tokens and let the parents come with you to take primary responsibility of the grandchildren at Chuck E. Cheese.

Taking a toddler to Chuck E. Cheese is one experience where being a Grandma spectator brings more




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