Best Brain Quest for Our Grandchildren

51107p5o3lL._SL500_AA300_One of my favorite grandchild gifts is BrainQuest.  We can start when our grandchild is a toddler.  This is a small item in size and price but enormous in quality.  Grandchildren can pick up BrainQuest anywhere, take it anywhere and will enjoy it everywhere!  It is called a “deck,” but unlike a deck of cards, these are all attached together, so much easier to handle with children.

We started with BrainQuest Toddler for ages two to three.  The cards in the deck cover topics like changing seasons, colors and more. This deck comes with a simple and clear layout of 400 picture questions with 400 answers on the reverse of the cards. Brain Quest challenges grandchildren on information they need to know, when they need to know it. You can buy this first BrainQuest at for $10.95.

BrainQuest Threes for ages three to four has been revised.   Then, there is BrainQuest Preschool for ages four to five, also in the fourth edition, so make sure you get the newest BrainQuest out for each age group. These are available at for $9.56 for Threes and $14.95 for Preschool. The decks each comes with a simple and clear layout of 300 questions with 300 answers on the reverse of the cards.

The next BrainQuest is BrainQuest Kindergarten, for ages 5-6, also $10.95 at This deck still comes with a simple and clear layout of 300 questions with 300 answers on the reverse of the cards. It is perfect for early learning.  This deck includes shapes, mazes, opposites, rhymes and more! Included are several ways to score your Brain Quest game.

Let’s keep going.  BrainQuest Grade 1 is for ages six to seven.  BrainQuest Grade 2 is for ages seven to eight.  BrainQuest Grade 3 is for ages eight to nine and includes 1000 questions.  BrainQuest Grade 4 is for ages 9-10 and includes 1500 questions.  BrainQuest Grade 5 is for ages ten to eleven and includes 1500 questions.

There are now BrainQuest Reading decks and BrainQuest Math decks.  There are BrainQuest special decks for the car, for America, for presents, for Black History.  BrainQuest has expanded into workbooks, and write and erase phonics activities.  As the children go higher in BrainQuest, the questions are more varied and sophisticated, and games to play with the decks are included.

For Grandma, BrainQuest is a great easy activity to do with grandchildren anywhere and for any amount of time and educational as an extra bonus.  Please do not stop when the grandchild finishes one.  Immediately pick up Ages three to Four when you finish the Toddler BrainQuest.  Remember, our grandchildren are brilliant and can keep going.  Then, we can tell them how smart they are, how much they know, how impressed we are with them and that they are the absolute best.  Which is, of course, what they are!

This gift is one that is usurped by the parents of our grandchildren.  They too realize how portable this is and handy to pass minutes waiting for anything anywhere.  How wonderful that we can please everyone.  Making learning fun and a game always brings



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