About Mema

Mema is a grandmother of four amazing, brilliant, talented, and  beautiful grandchildren, now spanning  ages from preschool to middle school.  She acquired her grandma name, Mema, when her eldest grandchild was about a year and a half old and could not say grandma, but could say “mema.”  She is Mema forever more.

Mema throws herself into every project 110% and being a grandma is no exception.  Mema never knew the love of grandparents, that extra dimension that adds to the positive growth and development of a child, and considers perfecting grandparenting skills an avocation.  Mema makes it a priority to find as many ways to make each grandchild’s life as good as it can be, which also means keeping their parents, the gatekeepers to the grandchildren, as happy as they can be.

Mema is a Baby Boomer grandma, who works at being ‘forever young.” Mema enjoys spending time with grandpa and family and friends.  Mema spends much time on airplanes traveling to visit with grandchildren as often as possible.  Mema’s hobbies include reading, yoga, and  pilates, but most of all, travel.  Mema’s “bucket list” with Grandpa prioritzes experiencing the wonders of the world.  Mema plans all family travel, multi-generational vacations, family trips between the parents and their children, and trips with grandchildren without their parents.

Mema matured during the transition from the era of woman as homemaker to woman as working mother. Mema was a working mother, is a working grandmother, and is married to a working grandpa.  They have two married working daughters who have produced the four perfect grandchildren.  They also have a married working son who has not yet produced a grandchild, but they already know he or she will also be perfect.

Mema has an undergraduate and master’s degree in education. Mema also holds a doctorate degree. Mema is a published author of a professional treatise and numerous professional articles. Mema has over forty years of experience working with adults, children and families. Mema’s expertise as a grandma extends almost thirteen years.

“Grandma Lessons” is about Mema sharing her expertise and history, growth and research, tips and experiences as a Boomer grandma, and preserving it all for Mema’s grandchildren to have when they are older.

Mema signs each post with the salutation, “joy,” to reflect that grandparenting, at all times, should be all joy and no responsibility. Sharing the joy of grandparenting is also a chronicle of the discovery of the miracle of grandparenting — pure and innocent mutual unconditional love and adoration.


June 2016

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