Happy Mother’s Day 2013!

Happy Mother's DayOn May 8, 2013, the Miami Herald quoted Nicole Eggert, describing her as a single mother of two, as having told People Magazine:

“The kids’ needs come first, work comes second, and I come third.”

Great quote.   Real life quote.  However, this Grandma has no idea who Nicole Eggert is.  So, I googled her.  Here is who Nicole Eggert is:

Nicole Eggert, Actress

Nicole Elizabeth Eggert is an American actress. Notable roles include Jamie Powell in the television series Charles in Charge and Summer Quinn in the TV series Baywatch. In 1999 Nicole guest starred on Boy Meets World. Wikipedia

Born: January 13, 1972 (age 41), Glendale

Height: 5′ 3″ (1.60 m)

Spouse: Justin Herwick (m. 2000-2002)

Children: Dilyn Herwick, Keegan Eggert

I still do not know who Nicole Eggert is.  So, let’s talk about her fabulous quote.

We Boomer Grandmas have all been there—putting ourselves last.  Nicole Eggert is not married.  Many of us also have a significant other in our lives who fits in somewhere on the list, depending on how happy we are with that significant other right now.  We still come last.

And, now, we add the needs of our grandchildren to the list.  We still come last.

What I have found, though, is that the responsibilities and duties are not overwhelming now.  The responsibilities and duties have their place in our lives.  We have the luxury of time that we did not have raising children.  We still come last, but now there is time left in a day to reach last.

The best of times is now.  Happy Mother’s Day!



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