Boys and Their Favorite Toys From Preschool On Through School Age Come from Japan and Involve Bakugan, Pokemon and BeyBlades


If you are grandma with grandsons, there is a new language to learn, Bakugan and Pokemon, and they make the best visit presents. Japan is the source of these three crazes. This Grandma was able to hand down the Bakugan, Pokemon, and BeyBlade collections from the eleven year old grandson to the seven and four […]

So When Are Grandchildren Into Dragons and What Can We Grandmas Do About It

So When Are Grandchildren Into Dragons and What Can We Grandmas Do About It

This Grandma is always looking for great visit presents. So introducing grandchildren to dragons can be through great books and plush toys and even having them accompany us to the movies so we have an excuse to see, “How To Train Your Dragon” movies. There is a picture book presently on the best seller list […]

Watches Big and Small For Grandchildren Teach Telling Time and More

2013 Latest Touch Screen Watch Red Numbers Ultra Thin Dark Blue Color

This Grandma was at Learning Express with the older grandchildren letting them pick out items for the holidays and their camp packages. Yes, I plan in advance. It did not matter that it was before holiday time. I try to always multitask and why not plan for two events at one time. They were the […]

Dancing and Singing with Grandchildren and Teaching and Moving Body Parts

Dancing and Singing with Grandchildren and Teaching and Moving Body Parts

At this Grandma’s long (we never say old) years, I love that I am able to keep up with the grandchildren and do dancing and moving songs with the grandchildren and be able to teach them body parts at the same time. My favorite moving song for this purpose is “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.” […]

Over the . . .Top Luxurious Holiday Gifts Grandchildren Would Love

Top Luxurious Holiday Gifts Grandchildren Would Love

If money were no object and a grandma did not care what anything cost, here are over the top luxurious holiday gifts grandchildren would love: Infants and Toddlers They have no clue and grow too fast so do not spend for luxuries for them. Spend at this time in their lives on those who matter […]

Playing Cards With Grandchildren Spans the Generations

The book of cards for kids

A simple deck of cards is easy to put in a handbag or a suitcase. A simple deck of cards is a treasure trove of play time with grandchildren. In this age of electronics, it is an old fashioned “hands on” connection with those precious grandchildren. We have used part of a deck of cards […]

Pete the Cat Takes Over Best Seller List for Grandchildren Ages 3-7

Pete the Cat

This Grandma recently read that celebrities are getting into writing children’s books because children’s books sell.  I am always looking for new children’s books to get for the grandchildren as visit presents.  Books are a win-win as a visit present–grandchildren love owning books and we have them in our lap for a period of time […]

Which Grandma Among Us is Ready to Buy the $7,500 Crib for our Grandchild?


This Grandma goes overboard when it comes to the grandchildren.  I am always looking for the new toy, new book, even new bedding set to redo their bedrooms once again!  I am really, really glad that I am not expecting a new grandchild any time soon.  We have reached new heights in baby furniture.  We […]

Non-fiction Books Grip School Aged Grandchildren

Non-fiction Books Grip School Aged Grandchildren

Visiting grandchildren always means viewing their stash of books and seeing if their home library needs refreshing.  If I need suggestions, I ask the parents.  Recently, I have noticed a growing collection of non-fiction children’s books.  A previous post recommends the new children’s books by Brad Meltzer.  The books I am now looking for are […]

Brad Meltzer Writes Children’s Books – That are Great

I am Amelia Earhart (1/14/14)by Brad Meltzer, Christopher Eliopoulos

This Grandma is used to reading the author, Brad Meltzer’s books–his adult books.  I always check the New York Times Best seller lists for children’s books to buy for my grandchildren and found two children’s books by Brad Meltzer on it!  I was intrigued. I went to the internet of course, and found an online […]

The Best Baby Shower Variation is a “Sprinkle”

The Best Baby Shower Variation is a “Sprinkle”

A colleague commented that the baby shower planned by her close family and friends was the best.  Of course, I inquired why.  She shared that it was not one baby shower but two in one. First, her close friends and family planned a private and intimate lunch with her closest family and friends.  At the […]

Keith Richards Is Writing a Children’s Book. Yes, a Children’s Book

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards poses for photographers before signing copies of his autobiography "Life" in London

“Keith Richards Is Writing a Children’s Book. Yes, a Children’s Book.” is the title of an article in the New York Times, March 11, 2014, by Allan Kozinn. This is not just any children’s book.  This is a book about the impact of Keith Richard’s grandfather on Keith Richard’s life.  It may be hard to […]

Lego Art

lego containers

Legos, according to Wikipedia came on the U.S. market in 1958, brought to us from Denmark. “Lego”, comes from the Danish phrase leg godt, means “play well.”  How appropriate. When this Grandma bought Legos for my children, creativity was supreme.  Children were encouraged to make anything with Legos.  Today, when this Grandma buys Legos for […]

Taking a Three Year Old to a Toy Store and This Grandma’s V Tech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Review


This Grandma always goes for Oppenheimer Toy Award winning toys on Toy Portolio.   I know the toys have been tested by real children and evaluated by expert testers.  However, I had run out of toys to get for our youngest grandchild and it was his third birthday.  He has inherited toys from three older […]

Best Easter and Passover Books from Grandma

Sweet Passover

Last year, this Grandma’s suggestions for the Spring holidays still holds true for recipes, activities and gifts. And Check Chasing Fireflies (www.chasing-fireflies) and Gap for the cutest Spring holiday clothing. This Grandma is thinking books for this holiday season: For Easter: Toddlers: Ollie’s Easter Eggs board book (Gossie & Friends) Board book by Olivier Dunrea.  […]

Spring and Holiday Shopping With Granddaughter Via Smart Phone and I Pad

Mobile Online Shopping

This Grandma shops – a lot.  So, I get lots of catalogs in the mail.  Yes, and lots of email sale notices. This Grandma buys – selectively.  The best is to preshop for my only granddaughter.  SHE likes to choose her own clothes and is very particular.  After seven years, I think I know her […]

Taking Grandchildren to the White House


Washington, D.C. is a fabulous place to visit with grandchildren.  This Grandma thought that grandchildren should be older school age before a White House visit, but our six year old grandson wanted to go to the White House.  We thought he was too young.  We were wrong.  He loved it.  He could identify the paintings […]

Springtime Gifts from Grandma

Springtime Gifts

The weather does not make us think spring is around the corner, but it is.  Planting with grandchildren is fun, but so are the many award winning toys we can bring when we visit.  There are many wonderful options for infants and older from the Oppenheimer Toy Awards on  Here is what is recommended […]

Best Ride On and Ride In Toys for Grandchildren

Best Ride On and Ride In Toys

Spring is coming.  Yes, this Grandma realizes that the weather patterns are crazy right now, but living in Florida makes me think spring year round.  And, when spring is coming, ride on toys are what are great to get for grandchildren. Think platinum toys on Toy Portfolio whenever grandma is thinking of buying any toys. […]

Personalized Bibs, Burp Cloths, and Blankets


Sometimes, a grandma just does not like anything on a baby registry or has looked when most items are already purchased and there is little left to buy as a gift for the new baby.  This Grandma has then thought to look for personalized baby gifts that are unique. It is getting harder and harder […]