Award Winning Outdoor Toys For 2018 Spring and Summer Fun

Each year the Oppenheimer Toy Awards on Toy Portfolio give us guidance as to our toy purchases.  Each year, it seems, it is harder to pry our grandchildren from their electronics to play outside.  It is more important than ever to find outdoor toys that will grab attention away from electronics.  Here are some award […]

Have Fidget Spinners Quickly Gone the Way of Hula Hoops and Pet Rocks And Should They?

If you have a grandchild old enough to say the word, he or she has a fidget spinner in their hand.  My son-in-law credits me with being the first to introduce spinners to our grandchildren.  However, it was our oldest who first showed a fidget spinner to me, so he was able to explain the […]

Six Tips To Remember for The Best Bargains For “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” 2018 and For Shopping All Year Long

This Grandma has the life experience of remembering when “brick and mortar” stores controlled and is living through the change to electronic shopping in control.  I drive past the mammoth number of strip malls in South Florida and wonder what the landscape will look like when they are no more, lost because of the ease […]

Are Toys and Board Games Dead and Should We Grandparents Keep Them Alive This Holiday Season

Each year it seems that toys and games make up less and less of grandchildren’s birthday and holiday lists and electronics and apps make up more and more. Fortunately, the parents of our grandchildren try to have a weekly game night so our grandchildren are introduced to classic board games. I think it is the […]

Making the Most of Halloween 2017 and Best Tips of Halloweens Past

As I receive the pictures of our grandchildren’s 2017 Halloween costumes, I smile.  I remember each year.  I am waiting for Godiva’s 2017 sale and free shipping of Halloween candy to send them an annual treat.  When I looked at the costumes and items for this Halloween, very little is new, so I decided to […]

Disney Princesses Come With Controversy Before the Holidays 2016

Disney princesses are young children’s favorites.  This holiday there is a new princess.   The animated Disney movie, “Moana,” was number one at the American box office over the Thanksgiving 2016 weekend.  The review at Common Sense Media, this Grandma’s go to source for children’s movies,  says it is for age 6 and up.  The review […]

Winnie the Pooh is “Young Old” and New Again at Age 90 and It’sTime to Introduce him to Our Grandchildren in Our Complicated World

This Grandma has decided that we of the Boomer generation will remain “young old,” vibrant and active, at age 90.  Our parents’ generation, through GG (great grandmother) as its spokesperson said one is “old old” at age 84, when life changes and one must slow down.  We Boomers will remain the eternal generation that changed […]

Is the Thesaurus A Book About Dinosaurs or A Dinosaur to Our Grandchildren from Preschool to High School

Grandpa and I just saw a fabulous musical on Broadway, Bright Star, which is closing like some other fabulous musicals this season, because theater goers are choosing to spend on one very expensive ticket to Hamilton, rather than see more of Broadway’s offerings. If it makes it to your area, definitely see it. One line […]

Summer 2016 Bubble Fun For All Ages

This Grandma loves watching babies watch bubbles.  This Grandma loves watching toddlers try to catch bubbles.  This Grandma loves when even the older grandchildren love giant bubbles.  Bubbles are an inexpensive wonderful visit present that brings giggles and run around fun now that summer is upon us. Oppenheimer Toy Awards on Toy Portfolio, this Grandma’s […]

Grandmas Supporting Diversity For Preschool Toys and New Thomas the Train Products

Toy companies seem to get criticized when there is no diversity in brands and when there is.  Mattel’s Barbie is an example, with criticism for body image before and for efforts after changes to Barbie.  Now, Mattel is again on the hot seat with Thomas the Train brand, criticized for lack of diversity in its […]

Etch A Sketch and Doodle Art is Part of Our Past But Is It Also Part of Our Grandchildren’s Future

Etch a Sketch was created by a French inventor in 1955, according to a business “Briefing” in the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, February 13, 2016, bought by Ohio Art in 1960, and has now been sold to a toy company in Toronto, Canada. It is considered a “surprise move.” This Grandma wonders why. I remember […]

Crayons From Star Wars to Body to Books To Creativity Are A Forever Hit With Grandchildren Beginning With Toddlers to Older Grandchildren Especially At the Holidays 2015

The New York Times best seller list has two picture books, number two and three, by Drew Daywalt, from his series on crayons for children ages 3-7. Number two is “The Day the Crayons Came Home,” about “a reunion of wayward colors.” Number three is “The Day the Crayons Quit.” On Amazon, “The Day the […]

Get Your Grandchild, Even Your Toddler and Preschool Grandchild, An iPad or iPad Mini For A Birthday Present or the Holidays With The Following Indispensible Accessories and Tips To Go With It

A dear, long (we never say old) friend called me to ask what she should get her granddaughter for her second birthday. The first words out of my mouth were to get her an iPad. Now that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is on the side of us grandmas and have finally brought their […]

Hess Holiday Toy Truck Tradition Remains Alive For 2015 and We Grandmas Can Turn it into A Family Tradition

Our grandsons love getting their Hess holiday toy trucks every year from their other grandparents. Remember, children remember traditions and rituals more than time spent with them. When the grandchildren grow up, their memories will be full of those traditions and rituals and the guilt we have over our inability to spend as much time […]

To This Day, Play Dough Does Not Appear in Grandma’s House But Learning its History and How To Make It At Home Led to The Best Website For Instructions To Homemade Anything

The youngest grandson, age four, loves Play Dough. And his mother actually allows it in her home. It may be because she was deprived as a child. This Grandma hated the crumbles, sticky mess, the difficulty cleaning up. Maybe improved since it beginnings. The New York Times, September 16, 2015 gave us the Back Story […]

Lego Company Already the Most Powerful Brand and May be the world’s Biggest Toy Company With Help From Boomer Grandmas

Lego Company is all over the news. This Grandma watches for all stories about legos, as this is a favorite of grandchildren. So is Mindcraft. Now Lego wants to take over Mindcraft too! In Forbes, “LEGO Worlds’ Takes On Minecraft,” the author, Andy Robertson, says: “Hot on the heels of LEGO Dimensions comes another long […]

Rubik’s Cube Fun For Grandchildren

Visiting the oldest grandchild, I found him playing unusually with a low tech toy–a Rubik’s Cube. He said he and his twelve year old friends were having a contest to see who could figure out the puzzle the fastest. This Grandma tries to think of great presents for grandchildren and I have to admit that […]

Buying New Interactive Talking Toys for Grandchildren Comes with a Warning to be Cautious

This week, trying to take a photograph of an Instagram my oldest grandson posted, I accidentally got Siri instead. I went,” Oh! No! Not Siri!.” Siri responded, “After all I do for you . . . .” In hysterics over the guilt trip Siri pulled on me, I called my grandson immediately. The entire family […]

Boys and Their Favorite Toys From Preschool On Through School Age Come from Japan and Involve Bakugan, Pokemon and BeyBlades

If you are grandma with grandsons, there is a new language to learn, Bakugan and Pokemon, and they make the best visit presents. Japan is the source of these three crazes. This Grandma was able to hand down the Bakugan, Pokemon, and BeyBlade collections from the eleven year old grandson to the seven and four […]

So When Are Grandchildren Into Dragons and What Can We Grandmas Do About It

This Grandma is always looking for great visit presents. So introducing grandchildren to dragons can be through great books and plush toys and even having them accompany us to the movies so we have an excuse to see, “How To Train Your Dragon” movies. There is a picture book presently on the best seller list […]