Pay Attention To Signs Of Pancreatic Cancer, Known and Common Risk and Symptoms, Lesser Known Symptoms and Risk Factors, Know the Best Treatment Available Where There is Also Promising News

PopPop died five years and two months after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  It is not pure luck.  It was hard work and ups and downs, but worth the roller coaster because it was more ups than downs, and we had the best care we could have possibly had.  We shared life and love and […]

To Have the Most Access to and the Best Relationship with Your Grandchildren, Always Go First to the Parent of Your Grandchildren Who is Your Child About Any Issue

I initially wrote this blog post a few years ago. One long (we never say old) dear friend has a new baby grandson who lives nearby with her son, his father, and her daughter-in-law, his mother.  Dealing with a daughter-in-law, and even a son, especially who are new parents with their first child, is a […]

Maternity Clothing Then and Now, Its Future and More For Women, Being Created, Fostered, and Modeled by Rihana

When I look at the photographs of the maternity clothing my mother wore when pregnant with me in 1946 and the maternity clothing I wore in 1973, they are embarrassingly similar. So, I decided to check Wikipedia about the history of maternity clothes.  Although the complete history of maternity clothing on Wikipedia is interesting, I […]

Reading and Writing Cursive May No Longer be Taught to Our Grandchildren: An Easy Three Step Process For Grandparents to Teach Grandchildren How to Create A Cursive Signature of Their Own

When this Grandma was a child, I remember hearing about how some would mark their signature with an X because they could not read or write.  Having a unique cursive signature was important when I was a child, and even in my adulthood.  I went to my go to source, Wikipedia, for more information about […]

There is One Summer Pool and Beach Toy for 2013 That Is Addictive To Children Age Three and Up

This Grandma looks for summer pool and beach toys every year, trying to find a true winner. The first place I look is the Oppenheimer Toy Awards, toys that are tested by children by age group, divided into award categories of Platinum (the best of the best of new products), Gold (next best new […]

When Does A Widow Take Off Her Wedding Band and How to Provide Support In the Grieving Process With Compassion

My blog,, has evolved over almost a dozen years, from just being about grandmothering, to grandparenting, to“parenting” adults, to sharing life tips as a Boomer, to preserving family recipes and memories (including our Holocaust family history), creating memories and rituals, gifts and toys for children of all ages, gifts for all holidays and events,  […]

With U.S. Births Held Flat, Can We Boomers Expect to Be Grandparents, How Do We Help to Become Grandparents, and the Ambivalence About It

I distinctly remember exactly where I was when I first found out I was going to be a grandmother for the first time.  I admit the exhilaration was greater than when I found out I was going to be a mother for the first time.  After all, being a parent is all work.  Being a […]

We Boomers are Asking The Wrong Generation If They Want Our Prized Possessions As We Do Our Spring Cleaning or Downsize

We Boomers are downsizing, or so I continually hear in the news and media.  Moreover, especially during spring cleaning time, articles and advice columns about how our adult children do not want our possessions abound.   We are told to tell our adult children to pick just one item each, instead of asking them to divide […]

The Best Relationship Advice of Two Questions This Grandma Has Learned to Share With Grandchildren and Use With Grandchildren, and Everyone Else For That Matter

QUESTION NUMBER ONE Do you want to be helped, heard or hugged? How many times has someone dear to us been upset and we mistake their desire of us at the time of their distress? I once read, and found it again, “10 Things Men Wish Women Would Know About The Way They Think,” by […]

Ten of the Best Creative and Useful Gifts From Grandparents For New Parents Up To Parents of Toddlers and Preschoolers

This Grandma always says that when I was a mother it was really the dark ages, we knew little and had little access to information other than from Dr. Spock.  Tools and gifts that are available today are so interesting, creative and useful.  Here are some that new parents and parents of toddlers and preschoolers […]

You and Those You Love Playing Games With Will Be “Transformed” by Catan, an Award Winning Board Game Created By Klaus Teuber and Played Around the World

Because it mentioned our family’s beloved board game, Catan, in the title, I immediately went to an article in the New York Times, April 7, 2023, “The Creator of Catan Transformed Games, and Then Us,” by Allan  Yuhas, which is spot on for those of us Boomer grandparents of teenagers. Yes, you and those you […]

Learning How Far We Women Lawyers and Judges Have Come, What Can Propel Us Forward, and Where We May Go. Celebrating Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day at the 17th Judicial Circuit, Florida- “Broward’s Women Leaders, A Celebration of Women in the Legal Community”

Women’s History Month, since 1987, is celebrated the entire month of March each year, a celebration of the contributions of strong women from the past and present, and of women’s contributions to history, culture and society.  International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year, a focal point in the movement for women’s progress […]

ChatGPT Wrote This Blog Post. Part II. How Can We Boomers and Grandparents Use ChatGPT for information and writing? Can Chat GPT be useful to Boomers and grandparents who want to share family history and preserve family memories?

After reading The Wall Street Journal, Thursday, April 6, 2023, article about ChatGPT, “The Robots Have Finally Come For My Job,” by Greg Ip. and the Sunday New York Times article, by Alyson Krueger, March 23, 2023, “We Need to Talk, But First I’ll Consult a Chatbot,” about how regular folks are turning to A.I., […]

ChatGPT Wrote This Blog Post. Part One: What is ChatGPT and Why Do We Care? Can Chat GPT be useful to grandparents who want to share family history and preserve family memories?

The Wall Street Journal, Thursday, April 6, 2023, had an article about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT that is scary for us grandparents, “The Robots Have Finally Come For My Job,” by Greg Ip.  I am not worried about our jobs, because, thank goodness, for most of us that is behind us, but it may […]

Two Important Tips About Using Amazon You Probably Never Knew and More About How Amazon Participates in Charitable Giving and How You Can Easily Too, Especially With Spring Cleaning Season Upon Us

As an Amazon shopper, I know the negative vibe.  If you shop Amazon consistently, you are putting small businesses out of business. I comfort myself my knowing I do shop small businesses and find much I buy on Etsy.  When I need something easy to find (because stores no longer stock as they used to) […]

Archives Must Reads For New Grandparents. Part II What To Buy, From Equipment to Toys and Gifts

As this Grandma said in Part I, a dear long friend, who is becoming a grandma for the first time, asked me to give her my must reads for new grandmas from my archives. I wanted to give an idea of the varied content, from tips to gifts, to do’s and do not’s. There is […]

Stephen Fred Goldenberg AKA PopPop Obituary

For our children and grandchildren, PopPop’s obituary was published in the Sun Sentinel, Sunday, March 11, 2023.  It will always be on the website Stephen Fred Goldenberg, age 76, passed away March 1, 2023, surrounded by loved ones in the comfort of his home, overlooking the ocean, his favorite view, exactly as he wanted. […]

Archives Must Reads For New Grandparents: Part I Grandma Lessons and Tips

A dear long friend, who is becoming a grandma for the first time, asked me to give her my must reads for new grandmas from my archives. I wanted to give an idea of the varied content, from tips to gifts, to do’s and do not’s. There is a search feature.  I put in “newborn” […]

When We Boomers, Our Adult Children, and Our Grandchildren Too, Need A Movie Bathroom Break Without Missing Anything Significant in the Movie, There Is An App For That

My mother insists that she toilet trained me at six months. I told her she was trained and could not go anywhere.  My mother demurred. Running the faucet in the sink was the key.  Apparently, running water is now the trigger for me for life.  After reading the article, “ ‘Avatar’ and The Way of […]

When As a Grandparent, You Are Asked If You Love The First Grandchild the Best

Blog.1.22.23. When As a Grandparent, You Are Asked If You Love The First Grandchild the Best Returning to Fort Lauderdale on Jet Blue, our preferred carrier between New York and Florida,  a young father (and they are looking younger and younger to this Grandma) was walking up and down the aisle with an adorable baby […]

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