Update On Best Hotel, Food, and Other Local Secrets From a Local As To Why You Should Visit Fort Lauderdale in July and Why Our New Residents From Up North Should Consider a Staycation

Standing on the beach watching the fireworks on July 4th, needing a light jacket, made me realize that visiting Fort Lauderdale in July is a secret joy that this Grandma should share, and I did in 2017.  It is time for an update, especially since our South Florida population has exploded during the pandemic when […]

Father’s Day 2022 Curated List of Best Gift Ideas of Everything and Anything At any Price For Every Kind of Father and Grandfather

This Grandma collects articles for research for blogs.  When collecting for Father’s Day, I found I had collected forty-one articles from every and any source I could find.  Here is a curated list of the best gift ideas everything and anything at any price for every kind of Father and Grandfather for Father’s Day 2022 […]

Four Important Tips Regarding What to Do in An Active Shooter Event and What We Grandparents and Our Grandchildren’s Parents Can Begin To Do To Be Proactively Preventive Regarding School Shootings

The Uvalde school massacre has done this Grandma in.  I want to address two important tips we parents and grandparents need to know now regarding what to do in an active shooter event and two tips proactively preventative that we may act upon now.  These last two tips are not a panacea for the complex […]

Best Gifts for Graduations From Preschool to Graduate School 2022

PopPop and I have a four year grandchild who has a “moving up” ceremony this week, moving up from the three’s to pre kindergarten.  He is very excited we are going to be there in person.  Of course, as the youngest grandchild on both sides of the family, he has every toy he wants.  It […]

Five Best Tips To Maximize and Personalize Your Group Tour or Travel to Anywhere in the World After COVID

BC (Before Covid) travel was a priority in our lives, and now, renewing our passion and reviewing previous travel posts to refresh my recollection for ideas, I discovered this blog post and have updated it for AC (I think you now what this means). PopPop and I consider ourselves world travelers. After all, we have […]

Zoom Face is A Real Thing And Affects More Than We Realize, Which May Include When To Have the COVID Vaccine or Boosters

Going on our third year into pandemic life, we’re all still adjusting mentally and physically to this abnormal state. Many of us feel the thrill and stress of starting to hang out again and are getting back to life or to life as it will be going forward.  Living through a pandemic has impacted everything, […]

Our Teenage Granddaughter’s Award Winning Poem Brought Back the Reality that Being a Teenager is Hard Anytime, Harder During A Global Pandemic, and We Grandparents Can Make It Easier Now and in the Future

During the COVID-19 coronavirus lock down period in March and April, 2020, I interviewed our older grandchildren, two aged 13 and one aged 16. We videotaped these interviews to be opened in ten years. At that time, the children were abruptly removed from school and quarantined with all of us.  See blog post, What Will […]

The Best New Source For Artistic, Colorful, Modern Customized and Personalized Gifts for Every Occasion and Purpose is Kicks By Sammy

This Grandma immediately goes to one of three sources for personalized gifts, especially new baby gifts, Chad and Jake, Pottery Barn Kids, or Etsy.  As a newborn baby gift for our new baby cousin in the family, I went to Chad and Jake. Then, on Instagram, the baby’s mother posted an adorable picture of the […]

Best Mother’s Day 2022 Gifts Are To Create Memories and More

2022 is a year where memories are especially important.  Covid has made us realize that time and time together is precious.  We want the grandmothers in our lives to pass along memories to their grandchildren. As a Mother’s Day gift for grandmother, why not gift a format and outline already created for grandmother to preserve […]

Divorce Should Always Be A Last Resort, Even For “Gray” Divorces, Part II

In The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Monday, February 7, 2022, Amy Dickinson’s column concerned a thirty seven year marriage and a wife in her sixties who is considering a divorce because she believes her husband is still involved with a woman he had an affair with thirty years earlier.  He denies the relationship.  The advice Amy […]

Comfort Food During the 2022 Winter of Chaos With Grilled Cheese and Homemade Tomato Soup

With all the chaos and uncertainty around us this winter, as well as record breaking temperatures nationwide and ridiculous amounts of snow, we are looking for comfort and comfort food.  The combination of tomato soup with grilled cheese reminds us of our childhoods, always comforting, and emotionally as well as physically comforting. My mother, GG […]

What Message Are You Giving Your Children and Grandchildren About Living Life

Life and Death And Survival Among Jews these words resonate, as through history Jews and Jewish families have had to face the threat of losing loved ones to hate and survival from crimes of hate just because of religion and practice of religion. On February 22, 2022, Merrick Garland, Attorney General, Department of Justice, briefed […]

The Best 2021 Holiday Presents for Our Preteen, Teenage, and College Aged Grandchildren and What They Want As Presents for The Holidays 2021

In 2014, I wrote a post, “What Our Grandchildren Want as Presents. Then I did not have college aged grandchildren or teenaged grandchildren. It is hard for me to believe that I have a grandchild in college, much less grandchildren in high school and middle school. Much of what I wrote in 2014 holds for […]

COVID-19 shots For Kids 5-12 A No Brainer: What You May Not Know And Should Share


Six Studies That Give Useful Tips On Stimulation, Brain and Vocabulary Development in Babies and Toddlers

This Grandma has collected Science Daily reported Baby Studies for over a decade. Here are six of the best that include easy to incorporate tips during interactions with your baby and toddler grandchildren and to pass along to their parents. NEWBORN TO THREE MONTHS Many times, we think the newborn is a blob that just […]

.Good News For Us Postmenopausal Chocoholics: An Extra Large Milk Chocolate Bar Twice A Day Is Found to Have Health Benefits

This Grandma is an unapologetic chocoholic. As I previously shared, I fed my first baby warmed chocolate fudge at three months old, one baby spoonful for her and one baby spoonful for me. Before you gasp in horror, know it was the dark ages nearly five decades ago when we did not know better. A […]

Winning the Battle But Losing the War By Failing to Follow Whatever New Parents’ Have As Their Rules

he headline on Fox News was: “Dad sends in-laws strict ‘guidelines’ for visiting newborn baby and it doesn’t go well” https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/dad-in-laws-guidelines-visiting-baby The author, Gerren Keith Gaynor, called the new father a “helicopter parent” for his list of very strict rules. The article caused me to go to REDDIT for the first time. I have no […]

Good News For Us Postmenopausal Chocoholics: An Extra Large Milk Chocolate Bar Twice A Day Is Found to Have Health Benefits Inbox

This Grandma is an unapologetic chocoholic. As I previously shared, I fed my first baby warmed chocolate fudge at three months old, one baby spoonful for her and one baby spoonful for me. Before you gasp in horror, know it was the dark ages nearly five decades ago when we did not know better. A […]

Worms in Strawberries and Levels of Filth, Mold, and Insects Allowed in Our Food By The FDA Oh My!

Growing up with Holocaust survivor parents, our refrigerator and pantry overflowed with food. So much food that there was spoilage. That did not bother my parents at all. They would consume food and vegetables with visible mold. They would consume bread that had turned brown and black with mold. Nothing was thrown away. All the […]

Four 2021 Best Inexpensive Gadgets For Feeding Toddlers and Preschoolers That Are Perfect Baby Shower, First Birthday, and Visit Gifts That Parents Will Appreciate

We grandparents, (AV) after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, are planning multiple trips to visit grandchildren. We Florida grandparents love that our ability to visit coincides with warmer weather up north and hot weather in Florida.  When we were parents, we did not have the types and variety of gadgets that helped us help our toddler […]