Great Grandmother’s Famous Butter Cookies and the Best 2020 Homemade Christmas, Chanukah, and Specialty Disney and U.S. States Cookies For Games To Play and Times to Share, With the Best Ways to Mail Cookies To Grandchildren

GG (Great Grandmother) Frieda, my mother, was a great cook and an even greater baker.  Our home was overflowing with food and sweets as our parents remembered their days of deprivation and starvation in the Holocaust.  The smell of homemade baked goods was present, fresh challah and rolls, and all kinds of sweets.  There were […]

Our Holocaust Family History, Part I. My Father, Survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and Treblinka Concentration Camp Uprising

Our granddaughter, in eighth grade, is studying the Holocaust.  We took her to Israel for her Bat Mitzvah where our Yad Vashem Museum guide, Mindy Ribner, had studied our family Holocaust history and took us directly to exhibits related specifically to our family.  Although I am so familiar with it, experiencing our family history through […]

We Americans Who Are All Immigrants to Our Country Created the Fabric Of Our Society, Wear or Carry or Wave the Red, White, and Blue, So How Can we Show Our Loyalty To America?

The presidential election vote is in and shows that we are clearly divided as a nation.  President-Elect Biden’s priority is for our country to take control of the coronavirus, COVID-19, to be able to safely open our economy and our schools.  With President Trump contesting the results of the election, nearly fifty percent of our […]

Head Lice Hits Another Generation With Grandchildren And Not Only in Florida

The parents of this Grandma’s grandchildren were born in Florida. I never heard of head lice before until they started school in Florida. I thought head lice must be a Southern thing, hot climate and all. But no, a long (we never say old) grandma friend said her grandchildren who live up north came home […]

The Millennials Could Learn the Top Four Beauty Products From This Grandma To Keep Them Looking Young and Fabulous

This Grandma just could not understand Sephora and Ulta. My youngest daughter, in her late thirties, loves Ulta. She asks for gift cards to Ulta for holiday presents. I have gone there with her. I do not get it. I have gone to Sephora myself looking for my favorite beauty products. Neither store carries the […]

There is Now Proof that Our Children and Grandchildren Will Survive Parenting “Mistakes”

This Grandma likes to assuage all new parents’ fears and concerns. New parents worry about everything. I like to say, “There is no right way or wrong way. We all make mistakes. The children will survive their parents’ parenting mistakes.” This Grandma likes to assuage all new grandparents’ fears and concerns about the new parents’ […]

This Grandma Has Won the Lottery

December  17, 2013 was a big day in America.  MegaMillions Lottery’s jackpot was $636 million.  The odds of winning were 1 in 259 million.  Not bad.  There were two winners, one in California and one in Georgia.  This Grandma lives in South Florida.  This Grandma has won the lottery.  Not MegaMillions.  The lottery of life. […]