The Truth About Boomers Filling Each Day During the Coronavirus Pandemic, and Why It is Important to America’s Economy To Pay Attention to Us

It is May 2020, and we are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19.  We Boomers have been self isolating or quarantining since the beginning of March. We Boomers, who are grandparents, miss visiting our grandchildren and activities and outings with friends, travel, and so many activities that had consumed our lives before the […]

Passing Along Something Beautiful and Thought Provoking During the Coronavirus Pandemic

So many jokes and cartoons and videos come to me during this coronavirus period.  They bring comic relief to this time of the coronavirus pandemic where it is hard to find comedy.  However, the connections to friends and family the texts and emails bring are so welcome.  I do not care how silly or ridiculous […]

A 2020 Mother’s Day that Means Thinking Differently About A Gift and Five of the Best Gift Options For Mother or Grandmother or Great Grandmother

Never before have we had to be apart “social distancing” from our loved ones under the circumstances of a world-wide pandemic.  Many of us, like this Grandma, typically tried to have personal contact with our children and grandchildren for Mother’s Day, even traveling long distances to be together.   Now, we must savor FaceTime, video texts, […]

How To Select the Best Award Winning Toys For All Ages For Holidays 2019

Even our toddler grandchildren crave electronics.  Our youngest grandson, only nineteen months old, can manipulate the I Phone during Face Time and has no problem pressing any and all buttons.  It seems that he believes we are in the telephone as he blows kisses and actually kisses the I Phone.  No, we are not getting […]

One Day University is Just Enough Of Lifelong Learning To Keep Our Boomer Brains Blossoming

Once Grandpa and I finally settled into semi-retirement mode, we started paying attention to our friends who had preceded us into leisure time, and had been taking lifelong university classes.  One of the keys to a retirement location in which to settle is whether there are universities offering adult continuing education and enrichment.  When we […]

Happy Caterpillar’s 50th Birthday Happiness and Eric Carle’s Talent and Creativity To Share With Our Grandchildren

This Grandma remembers some books from our children’s childhoods, some even by heart nearly fifty years later.  Mostly, those are Dr. Seuss rhymes.  March 2 was Dr. Seuss’ birthday which has been adopted as the annual date for National Read Across America Day, an initiative on reading created by the National Education Association.  See post, […]

Curated List of 309 Best Mother’s Day Gifts To Choose From or Craft For Every Kind of Mother and Grandmother At Every Price Point for Mother’s Day 2019

This Grandma is hooked on the apps that give you options to select a topic and read dozens and dozens of articles from any source, and even from different countries.  For Mother’s Day 2019, I decided to try the apps to research this post for Mother’s Day gifts, and have actually gone through many hundreds […]

The Lessons This Grandma learned from Watching Parents Walk With and Engage Their Babies, Toddlers, and Children On the Streets of New York City and the Studies to Show How Wonderful That Is

Spending a month in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, I was surprised to see so many strollers and so few tourists. This is clearly New York family territory and so much to observe and learn about what I had heard about—the sophistication, culture, and extensive vocabulary of the children growing up in New York City. Wow! […]

The Joys of Walking With Grandchildren Of Every Age and Activities and Memories of Sharing Along the Way

We grandparents know that walking is good for our health. See WebMD. Walking is also wonderful as an activity with the youngest of grandchildren to the oldest of grandchildren.  With the newborns, it is clearly exercise for us and fresh air for them.  They were too young to complain about my singing to them along […]

Our Enchanted 2017 Multigenerational Vacation in Sedona, Arizona at the Enchantment Resort and the Grand Canyon: Part III The Best Itinerary for Sedona, the Enchantment Resort, and the Grand Canyon

Once the entire multigenerational family agreed on location and travel arrangements, this Grandma went to work on the best itinerary for the vacation in Sedona, at the Enchantment Resort, and for the Grand Canyon.  Tripadvisor is a great resource.  It is this Grandma’s first choice.  I also check Conde Nast Traveler on line, Travel and […]

Six Tips On How Grandma Can Be the Maternity Concierge and Continuing Concierge to the Parents of Our Grandchildren Or Not

The Today Show, on May 11, 2017, had a segment about an admirable new project, maternity concierge, that businesses are starting. They featured a bank that has established a maternity concierge.   Watch the video segment: The featured bank found that they were losing their female employees who were on maternity leave and they found that […]

I Wish Groovaroo Was Around When The Parents Of Our Grandchildren Were Babies

When this Grandma was a new mother, I loved to dance with my babies. . . in the privacy of my home.  It enabled me to be silly and funny and not worry that I was not a good dancer.  It took me over thirty years later to join a Zumba class and realize that […]

Best of Boston With Grandchildren or As a Multigenerational Vacation in 2016 and 2017

In 2012, this Grandma wrote a post about the Best of Boston with grandchildren. That was when we took our oldest grandson to Boston for the first time.  Now, just having returned from taking our third grandchild to Boston for his first time, we are grandparent pros at Boston! This Grandma still recommends staying in […]

Think Sooner Rather Than Later in Fulfilling Passions and Bucket Lists

This past Spring month or so has been a difficult one for deaths of those we know or of whom we know in their sixties, even fifties and forties.  Spring 2016 has been more about endings than rebirth or Spring awakening for this Grandma. For some reason, this month or so, Grandpa and I heard […]

We Boomer Grandmas Know Time Flies As We Get Longer, Never Older, and Here is Why and What We Can Do About Slowing Time Down

The Washington Post answered the question for us why time flies, in the article. “Why half of the life you experience is over by age 7,” by Ana Swanson, July 23, 2015. Here is the link to the entire article and graphs that are descriptive of the theories. “There’s a reason that one summer seems […]

Black is the New Black For Which This Grandma will be Remembered With A Forever Message To Add

Each of us Boomer Grandmas were raised in the 1950’s and 1960’s learning that either winter colors (red, black, white, navy) would look better on us if we had darker hair and were of darker skin tone or summer colors (pink, baby blue, light purple) would look better on us if we had lighter hair […]

Head Lice Hits Another Generation With Grandchildren And Not Only in Florida

The parents of this Grandma’s grandchildren were born in Florida. I never heard of head lice before until they started school in Florida. I thought head lice must be a Southern thing, hot climate and all. But no, a long (we never say old) grandma friend said her grandchildren who live up north came home […]

Coloring Books have Graduated to A Way for Grandparent and Grandchild to Feel Better Together

This Grandma keeps a large box of art supplies in the house. I include crayons, markers, colored pencils, water paints and blanks sheets of paper as well as a variety of coloring books. The grandchildren play a while on this old fashioned method of creativity, but invariably go to the myriad of apps on their […]

Time for The Grandchildren to Have Their Eyes Tested: Near Sightedness is Hitting Epidemic Proportions and Studies Show Help Is Already Here

Two of our grandchildren wear glasses. We have noticed that many young children their ages also wear glasses. We wondered about the rise and now it seems that it is an epidemic of near-sightedness around the world among the young! This Grandma, of course, first thought that it might be electronics, but it is not […]