Best Mother’s Day 2022 Gifts Are To Create Memories and More

2022 is a year where memories are especially important.  Covid has made us realize that time and time together is precious.  We want the grandmothers in our lives to pass along memories to their grandchildren. As a Mother’s Day gift for grandmother, why not gift a format and outline already created for grandmother to preserve family memories.


Life Notes were recommended to this Grandma by one of my youngest daughter’s friends she has had since high school, wise beyond her years, and an amazing health coach for cancer patients. Should you know anyone who unfortunately receives a cancer diagnosis, and frighteningly the numbers are higher than we realize, she should be among the first calls to make, as she knows who to call and where and how to direct you to get the best timely care, and will professionally assist in negotiating the process. She contributed to my blog, which includes her contact information. 

From the Amazon description, we learn Life Notes made the list for Oprah’s Favorite Things 2021. Inside the box are 20 themed notes, 20 different ways to connect with your grandchild on how to live a good life. You can reflect on topics like family, falling in love, friendship, and bravery. Each note follows a theme, contains a touching quote, and plenty of space to write down reflections and create a lasting connection with your grandchild. Life Notes includes a keepsake box which offers you a space to hold your reflections for safekeeping, a beautiful gift box when you’re ready to share your collection of letters with your grandchild.

I asked Jaye why she recommends Life Notes as a gift, and she, who quotes her Grandma Betty often, said I could repeat what she said. Jaye said her Grandma Betty was the embodiment of unconditional love but also sassy and bawdy. She was her first call every morning. And, according to Jaye, Frank Sinatra once asked her to dance!

“Because I wish my very wise grandma wrote that for me before she died. I look back on much of her advice when I was a kid and realized, she was right regarding many things and I should have listened. I often find myself quoting her. I would love to be able to ask her advice and read her handwritten notes again. She sent me a letter a week when I was in school with $10 or $20 enclosed that said, buy yourself a good cup of coffee!”

Now, giving grandmother Life Notes is a gift for the grandchild in her life.  There could not be a better Mother’s Day gift for grandmother.

The best Mother’s Day 2022 memory creation for a gift for grandmother are photos in frames, or made into art, or made on glass.  It is wonderful to have so many choices of ways to give grandmother memories close to her heart.


Create a gallery of the grandchildren, and even include grandpets, with custom silhouette art for a creative Mother’s Day gift. On Minted, Upload a profile picture of your child, pet, or other loved one and they will turn it into a custom art print.  On Etsy send a photo of the profile you’d like to use and you will be sent a digital silhouette file to print at any size you need for $22.69.


The best Mother’s Day gift is a photograph of the family and the grandchildren.  Now that can be made into customizable art on Minted just by uploading the photographs. On Minted, Upload a profile picture of your child, pet, or other loved one and they will turn it into a custom art print. 


Our daughters gifted us a group picture taken on our last family vacation at the Wentworth by the Sea, Marriott Resort in New Hampshire.  It may be too costly to gift grandmother a weekend in New Hampshire with the entire family (or maybe that is an idea for the next multigenerational family vacation), but any group picture is priceless, and the photo on glass memorializing that great trip is hanging in our home.  Our daughters had Fracture create it.

Previous Mother’s Day blog posts had different themes.  Take a look to see if there are any other ideas you might find for Mother’s Day 2022.

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