We American Jews Must Now Not Only Be Vigilant As We Have Joined the Vulnerable Ranks of Our Worldwide Brethren Past and Present. We, and American Non Jews, Must Also Fight For Federal Laws That Make Anti-Semitic Talk And Action Illegal

It has been happening to Jews for many thousands of years. It has touched our family and we Jews, collectively and of my family, can never forget. To forget is to be vulnerable to anti-Semitic violence and we Jews have learned from history that we must always be vigilant. All of our grandchildren will know […]

As A Child of Holocaust Survivors, I Am Worried That History Is Repeating Itself

As a child of Holocaust survivors, I feel that my unique background and upbringing has been a blessing and a curse, probably like most of us who have felt different and with a higher sensitivity to the world around us. My upbringing has made me the “Pollyanna,” which those who know me would agree, that […]

Learning About Having #It All From Another Woman Who Has Had It All, But Not All At the Same Time

Justice of the United States Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg has said she believes women can have it all, but perhaps not all at the same time. She has attained the rank of American Female Superstar, and with her admission of what she has accomplished and what she has overcome, she thankfully has exposed what […]

Grateful for the Fathers In Our Lives This Father’s Day 2018 Seventy Years After the Holocaust

As I thought about this Father’s Day 2018, the year’s traumatic and potentially fatal health circumstances clearly highlighted thoughts of gratitude for the fathers in our lives. What came to mind are two related sayings: You don’t know what you have until it is gone.  Truth is, you knew what you had, you just thought […]

Who Would Believe “Good Old Days” Would Be So Perfectly Described By a Thirty Four Year Old in Collaboration With a Thirty One Year Old

Once our grandchildren began listening to pop music on the radio, and it was earlier than we realized, this Grandma convinced Grandpa that we too had to listen to pop.  Since our eldest grandson is fourteen, we have been listening to pop for nearly six years.  Occasionally, we go back to music of the sixties […]

Our Choice of Bread Defines Where We have Come From, Who We Are, and Sometimes Who We Aspire To Be

Our eleven year old granddaughter, visiting for spring break, asked for a sandwich. Ever the doting grandmother, I had purchased three different kinds of breads to have for her to choose from. I was not surprised with her selection, and with the ease of her making it. As I cut slices from the whole loaf […]

We Grandparents Are Role Models For Civics and Civility And Good Manners To Our Grandchildren And More

I grimace and shake my head every time I am stopped at a crosswalk and a person with earbuds staring at his or her phone walks into the street without even looking up. Or the person is before me in the supermarket line paying without looking up at the cashier or anyone but the screen […]

2018 New Year’s Resolutions Focusing on Feelings That Span A Lifetime Will Bring Us Joy

For New Years 2017, this Grandma wrote “2017 New Year’s Resolutions Focusing on Feelings That Span A Lifetime Will Bring Us Joy.”  When I sat down to write this year’s message, the draft mirrored 2017.  I realized that sharing the 2017 feelings was a most overwhelming task for me, and opened up on memories that […]

How to Make Shopping in the Mall with Grandchildren of All Ages and Sexes a Pleasurable Experience

When our daughters were small, they hated going shopping with me.  It was a chore for them to accompany me, even if it was for clothing for them.  Even toy shopping was met with groans and complaints that I did not need them with me when I had a list.  I was surprised, as I […]

This Grandma Says Always Go To The Parent of Your Grandchildren Who Is Your Child First About Any Issue To Have the Most Access To and The Best Relationship With Your Grandchildren

This Grandma has several mantras, which you can see by reviewing the archives of this blog.     Grandparenting should be all joy and no responsibility. See the first post on this blog, “How to be the Best Grandma in the World with the Most Joy and Least Responsibility.” Another mantra is to honor the gatekeepers, the […]

Why Boomer Grandparents Should Pay Attention to How Grandchildren Adapt to Change

School is starting again and summer routines turn into school routines for our grandchildren.  Just like us for us adults, change is difficult for children.  We all like things stressless and change brings stress.  We all like routine and change brings disruption to our routine.  I believe we adults would rather deal with the devil […]

Why Life Happens With Tears and Life Happens With Laughter and With Knowledge Comes Power to Understand and Cope With Life’s Challenges

When I was growing up, if something good happened and I told my Holocaust survivor mother, GG (great-grandmother), she said “pooh, pooh” and made a spitting sound, and said, “don’t give it a kenahora.”  She would remind me that although something good will happen in life, be careful, because something bad is going to follow.  […]

Why This Grandma Thinks Procrastination is A Disease of Retirement And The Cure

This Grandma prides herself on a lifetime of organization and the ability to multi task and get things done.  I hate “To Do” lists and all my working life, almost half a century, those lists were limited in number and accomplished with speed.  When I look back, I wonder how I did as much as […]

Entering the Unknown World of Retirement and the New Busy as a Baby Boomer Grandma

This Grandma is beginning a new adventure, the unknown world of retirement. It seems that as a Baby Boomer, at every stage of this Grandma’s life I have had to deal with the enormity of the population bubble in which I find myself. As a teenager, it was the competition to getting into college. As […]

2017 New Year’s Resolutions Focusing on Feelings That Span A Lifetime Will Bring Us Joy

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017! In this new era of seeking and collecting experiences instead of things, the articles about proposed 2017 New Year’s resolutions that touched this Grandma were more about feelings than goals.  Each year, beginning at the end of December, the ads for exercise facility discounts and diet centers proliferate.  Each year, I […]

Just When “Mom” and “Dad” Lose Favor With One Generation They Gain A New Definition with Another In the Fast New World of Social Media

This Grandma tries hard to keep up with the fast moving Internet effect on our changing world.  It is the 12th anniversary of Facebook, and I have to admit that I am a nonuser.  I am on Twitter and Instagram, only because my son-in-law set up the former and my oldest grandson set up the […]

If “PaPa” is Now the Favored Name for “Daddy” and ” MaMa” Is the favored Name for “Mommy” What Should We Boomer Grandparents Be Called

In the car, December 1, 2016, this Grandma heard a radio commentator say that the term “Dad” is out as it makes the father more distant and today’s fathers want to be referred to by the “more nurturing” term, “PaPa.”  Now I think I know why some of my grandfather friends like to be called […]

Home Remedies That Make Our Lives Easier — Part II –And How We Must Preserve Our Own Families’Home Remedies and More

In Part I of home remedies that make our grandchildren’s lives easier, I concentrated on Terry and Joe Graedon and their home remedies. And now, this Grandma, in an expanded search, I came upon more home remedies we Boomers could use as well. I found a home remedy that I grew up on and, from […]

Sometimes Double Proof is Better to Show Grandpa that “Happy Wife, Happy Life” Is Always the Way to Go

Sometimes this Grandma holds on to a post idea about a study for years.  Sometimes, the post idea about a study eventually seems unimportant and goes away.  Sometimes, the post idea about a study remains but the timing seems off.  Sometimes, this Grandma just says one study is not enough and I must wait for […]

Yiddish Words That Will Serve You well In Life and ToTranscend Generations From the Past to the Future

This Grandma, born in a displaced person’s camp in Germany, knew the power of the Yiddish language from the phrases my parents used and the stories my parents told.   One such story was that President Eisenhower had gathered together Yiddish speaking American soldiers stationed in Europe to come to the displaced persons’ camps after World […]