Fast and Easy Halloween Cookies and Special Treats for 2022, Halloween Treats for Babies, Healthy, Nut Free Options, Treats Made From Leftover Candy, All To Make For or With Grandchildren, and Treats For the Grandparent to Make Who Just Likes to Make Reservations

After looking at literally dozens of articles on Halloween cookies and treats of all kinds, this Grandma has curated those fast and easy Halloween cookies and special treats, Halloween treats for babies, those that use leftover candy, even healthy and nut free options, to make for or with grandchildren, and especially, Halloween treats for the grandparent to make who just likes to make reservations.

Fast and Easy from Kitchn

I wanted to pick one of the five choices from “5 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Treats,” by Kelli Foster on Kitchn, but all five are fast and easy Halloween treats.

Pick from Halloween candy brownies starting with your favorite mix, Halloween Sprinkle Marshmallows that even the youngest grandchildren can help with, Smoky Candied Popcorn,  Candy Corn Rice Krispies Treats, and Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies.  While you are on the Kitchn website, take a look at their other recipes–they are a good resource.

For Parents Who Demand (Somewhat) Healthy

Southern Living gives us “18 Halloween Snacks for Kids That Parents Will Love Too.”  See a recipe for Candied Apples, Butterscotch-Toasted Oatmeal Cookies, Pumpkin-Chocolate Brownies, Apple Chips, Halloween Cake Pops, and more.

Some Easy, Some Fancy and Healthy(ish) from Cooking Light 

Another good source for recipes is Cooking Light.  This time it is “35 Easy Halloween Treats to Make.”    Not only do they give great recipes, but also tips for healthy(ish) candies to hand out.  Check out their three ingredient pumpkin pancakes and meringue ghosts.  Included are recipes for adults alone, beverages, and more fancy Halloween desserts.  The article is listed as a slide show, but you can click to see all on one page and pick your favorites.

Nut Free and Healthy

Cooking Light also gives us “20 Nut-Free Halloween Treats Your Kids Will Love.”

Check out the recipes for Caramel Popcorn, Crunchy Chewy Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookies, and Candied Apple Popcorn Balls.

Food Network’s Easy Halloween Recipes

Food Network says children can help with these recipes.  The results look wonderfully spooky.

See, “24 Frightfully Fun Halloween Treats Anyone Can Make.” 

Choose from Easy Ghost Cookies, Pretzel Spider Webs, Halloween Dirt Cups, Peanut Butter Spider Cookies, Ghost Crispy Rice Treats, Halloween Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cake Eyeballs and more.

Food Network’s Spooky Halloween Treats

See, “19 Halloween Cookies That Are Completely Eerie-sistible.” These treats from Food Network are truly spooky to look at.  The first listed, Witch Finger Cookies, are unique.  Others include Meringue Bones, Chocolate-Cinnamon Skeleton Cookies, Alien Cookie Pops, and Tie-Dye Halloween Sugar Cookies.

Cute Not Spooky

Better Homes And Gardens brings us “20 Wickedly Cute Halloween Recipes,” by Sarah Martens  July 8, 2022.   There are some dip and appetizer choices for adults, but mostly great looking child recipes: Halloween Oreo Ball Ghosts, Scary-Easy Mummy Brownies, and Halloween Brownie Pizza to make with leftover candy.

And Be A Hero to The Parents of Your Grandchildren By Having Them Bring Leftover Candy To your House To create one of 15 Treats with Them

This Grandma goes to the website Romper for great baby and child information.  This time they give us “Turn Your Leftover Halloween Candy Into These Desserts & Avoid All The Tiny Wrappers,” by Abi Berwager Schreier.

There are recipes use Reese’s, Butterfingers, Whoppers, Kit Kats, Snickers, M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces, and candy corn.  Check out the recipes for Leftover Halloween Candy Bark, Candy Crush Brownies, and Kit Kat Cream Cheese Brownies.

Halloween Treats for Babies

Also from Romper is “Celebrate spooky Season With These Baby-Friendly Halloween Treats,” by Ashley Jones.

Try the Candy Corn Frozen Pudding Pops, Pumpkin Mousse, Halloween Boo-Nanas, and she also includes Meringue Ghosts.

And, For the Grandparent Who Likes to Make Reservations

This Grandma did not expect this great list of treats easy to make from kits from the publication, The Pioneer Woman!  See, “12 Best Halloween Cookie Decorating Kits to Make All Kinds of Treats,” by Tierney McAfee.

These are perfect for the grandparents who want an almost ready made project.  Choose from

Ready-to-Decorate Skulls & Pumpkins Cookie Kit, Haunted Cookie Mini House Kit, Halloween Craft Cookie Decorating Kit, Halloween DIY Cookie Kit, Martial Arts Mummies Cookie Kit and more.




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