Easy Nutella Pops Made With Three Ingredients To Make With Grandchildren, Beginning with Toddlers

This Grandma always checks whether I have written a previous blog post on a topic before I write a new post on a topic. I am always on a hunt to discover a great, easy recipe to make with grandchildren, so I am always on the lookout for these.  It seems that I always have Nutella on the brain as all of my grandchildren crave Nutella.  Nutella was introduced into our household by our oldest daughter thirty-five years ago when it was hard to find in the United States.  She went to Europe as a teenager and came home loving Nutella.  Now Nutella is sold everywhere.

There are actually four previous Nutella recipe posts so if your grandchildren like this new one, try the others.*

This new Nutella recipe is fabulous as it is made with only three ingredients.  Less is more, so this can easily be made with the youngest grandchildren, beginning at toddler age. It is a good recipe to start cooking and baking with grandchildren. 

Get everything together first for the youngest, including a sturdy, safe stool for them to reach the kitchen counter and lots of old towels on the counter and floor for easy cleaning of the grandchildren, paper towels, and everything else.  As you will see below, as the pops require about three hours to freeze, I suggest pre-making a batch to have ready to pop (pun intended) out of the freezer for those young grandchildren who have no ability to wait that long for gratification.**


Yields 6

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Total time: 3 hours 15 minutes**

(**when making this with young grandchildren, premake some in advance as they cannot wait any length of time for gratification.  Set a timer for just a few minutes – depending on age–and then take out the premade Nutella Pops!)


old towels to cover the floor and counters

lots of paper towels for dirty fingers

plastic measuring cups in different sizes: 1 cup, ½ cup, 1/4 cup

a wire whisk that can be held by a child

a plastic medium measuring bowl

six (3-ounce) paper Dixie Cups

six wooden popsicle sticks

aluminum foil precut into six small squares


1 cup Cool Whip whipped topping

1/2 cup whole milk (can substitute other milk)

1/4 cup Nutella


1. It is best to have different size measuring cups and bowls made of plastic.  Then you can show the grandchild how much a one cup measuring cup is, a half cup, and a quarter cup, and how different they are in size and amount.  Why not make the cooking experience a learning experience too.

With the kitchen counter and floor covered with old towels, you can give the grandchild a chance to measure and pour.

2.  In a medium size plastic bowl, have the grandchild add the three ingredients.  Give the grandchild a whisk, and show how to whisk together the Cool Whip, milk, and Nutella until combined to look like chocolate.

3. Pour mixture into six (3-ounce) Dixie cups. If there are older grandchildren, they may help here or a grandparent may help.

4. Top each Dixie cup with a small square of tin foil to cover cup. Using a thin knife, a grandparent slices a small slit in the middle of each.

5. Place a wooden popsicle stick in each slit and freeze until firm, 3 hours.  However, hopefully for the younger grandchildren, you have made a batch previously to miraculously have ready.

6. Set a timer for the amount of time that a grandchild can tolerate by age.  While waiting, clean up, which, by the way, the younger the grandchild, the more cleanup is a game and fun.  If you know the clean-up song, all the better. “Clean-up, clean-up, everyone, everywhere.  Clean-up. Clean-up, everyone does their share.” 

7.  When the timer goes off, for younger grandchildren, take out one or a few of your premade Nutella pops.  Snip of a bit of the cup and peel off the pop.

Enjoy!  And have more pops in the freezer for later!



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