New Technology gives us a Self Driving Stroller If You Want To Spend As Much as We Boomers Spent on Our First Cars and After A Serious Look Arguably is Justified in 2023

When my father used to tell my brother and me that he bought a loaf of rye bread for a nickel, and we had to buy a loaf of rye bread for a quarter, he told us how awful that was. I also remember getting a quarter on Sundays to attend the movies and also buy lunch of a piece of pizza and a Coke. Yes, all for a quarter. So, it seems that we Boomers could tell our grand children how much more everything costs today.  Generation to generation, but as we Boomers want to be forever young, I will not go there.  My last loaf of rye bread was $5 and organic.  I bet the nickel and quarter loaves of rye bread were organic.

When I saw the article on CNN online, “A $3,300 self-driving stroller is at this year’s CES. Are parents ready?,” January 4, 2023, about a self driving stroller, I needed to know more. Are we grandparents ready?

CES is the annual consumer electronics show in Las Vegas that showcases “cutting edge out-there new technologies.” A Canadian baby gear startup company, Gluxkind, presented its $3,300 Ella AI Powered Smart Stroller, one of the consumer technology products named an Innovation Awards Honoree at the 2023 CES show.

Artificial Intelligence can assist parents and grandparents now?  The “stroller’s onboard technology has sensors that detect objects around it – but it’s meant to serve as an “extra pairs of eyes and an extra set of hands,” according to the company’s website – not a replacement for a caregiver. . . .The Ella stroller is able to drive itself for hands-free strolling – but only when a child is not inside. It uses cameras to monitor surroundings and navigate the sidewalks.”  A hard period of time with a toddler is when the toddler wants to drive the stroller rather than ride in it. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a sidewalk, or in a mall, or in a park, the toddler pushes the stroller into a place that you don’t want it pushed into or somewhere dangerous. Many times, the toddler wants to be carried instead of sitting in the stroller. I could see remotely controlling a stroller under those strict circumstances would be a great idea… but, at the price of $3,300?

“The development has been driven by our own experience as new parents.,” Anne Hunger, Gluxkind CPO and co-founder, wrote in a November press release. “We’ve put a lot of hard work into this product and are excited to get it into more customers’ hands in 2023.”  Parents can join the pre-order list for the Ella AI Powered Smart Stroller, with delivery beginning in April 2023.

 When I saw it was $3300 for a stroller, my first thought, as a Boomer, was that was what I paid for my first car in 1967. I think we all turn into our parents when it comes to how much we paid for things and how much we pay for things now. It does seem astronomical, however with a serious look its cost arguably can be justified.

The YouTube video about the stroller, interestingly, shows it has features that would be helpful to new parents, which if were purchases as separate baby items would add up.

Additional Ella stroller features include “Automatic Rock-My-Baby,”  a built-in white noise machine to soothe sleeping babies and toddlers, a car seat, infant bassinet and toddler seat.

If bought separately:


This Grandma knows that the UPPABaby Vista V2 Stroller is coveted by new parents, and is considered number one of the top luxury strollers now. It includes a bassinet attachment. On Amazon it sells for $1,000 plus accessories. Buy on Amazon.


Also coveted is the SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Bassinet – Bedside Crib with Automatic Rocking Motions and Soothing White Noise which says it is ideal for newborn babies to 6 months with natural sleep training. Buy on Amazon for $1,695 plus accessories.


A convertible car seat goes from infant to toddlers to when your grandchild needs a booster seat. In Car and Driver, “The Best Convertible Car Seats for 2023,” were listed.

The number one for 2023 is Graco SlimFit3 LX 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat for $280. Buy at Amazon.

Granted there are cheaper options for all of the above, but one must admit the Ella AI Powered Smart Stroller, a self driving stroller, is a 2023 cutting edge, high tech, highly rated luxury item that can substitute for equivalent existing highly rated luxury items coveted by the parents of our new grandchildren.  Don’t we grandparents want the newest and best for our new grandchild? How do we justify the $3,300?

If the Innovation Awards Honoree at the 2023 CES show, the Ella AI Powered Smart Stroller, self driving stroller, includes what it says it includes and delivers what it says it delivers:

Gluxkind Ella AI Powered Smart Self Driving Stroller                          $3,300

Luxury Items Equivalent to What is Included with Smart Stroller          $2,975 plus accessories

New Technology Self Driving Stroller After a Serious Look Arguably is Justified in 2023.

Sign up for more information and to get on the preorder list on the Gluxkind website.

Need I say more.



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