The Three Craft Toys That Grandparents Should Beware of Allowing Grandchildren To Play With At Their Homes

This Grandma has given many cooking and baking tips for grandparents doing so with grandchildren, including cleaning tips, covering counters and floors with rags or old towels for the best and easy cleanup, when I venture to do so with them. Some of my grandma friends say their favorite blog post I wrote about cooking […]

How To Select the Best Award Winning Toys For All Ages For Holidays 2019

Even our toddler grandchildren crave electronics.  Our youngest grandson, only nineteen months old, can manipulate the I Phone during Face Time and has no problem pressing any and all buttons.  It seems that he believes we are in the telephone as he blows kisses and actually kisses the I Phone.  No, we are not getting […]

Buy A Boy Doll for your Grandson. . . and Your Granddaughter and Mix It Up More

When our eldest grandson was a toddler, this Grandma immediately bought him a boy doll and a stroller, in blue of course. It was hard to find a boy doll back then.  In 2014, this Grandma wrote a blog post about the need to buy a grandson a boy doll.  Take a look at “Grandma […]

Summer Floating With New Summer Pool Floats for Grandchildren

It is not often that the Oppenheimer Toy Awards fail me.  This Grandma can usually find a wonderful  award  winning toy item on  It has to be the search.  I wanted to find the best new pool floats for grandchildren, and tried many different terms to no avail.  Fortunately, a summer Learning Express catalog […]

Think Puzzles For Under Twenty Dollar Holiday Presents For Grandchildren of All Ages And From Grandchildren For Us Boomer Grandmas

This Grandma always knew puzzles are good for our grand children’s brains, but not exactly why, so I went on line, and found the following on this site. “Human mind has two separate hemispheres or lobes called right and left-brain with each one dealing in different functions. Right brain deals with emotions and performs tasks […]

After Oppenheimer Toy Award Winners Determined, The Value of Zulily and This Grandma Finding Each Other Confirmed by the Skimm

This Grandma LOVES The Oppenheimer Toy awards listed on t he website provide mountains of ideas to buy gifts for grandchildren for every occasion or no occasion. As stated on the website, “Educator, parent & kid testing goes into each product considered for an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award. We don’t accept ads or charge […]