Three Ways for Grandma to Support the Hard Decisions in the Advancement of Working Mothers

This Grandma was NOT going to comment on Marissa Mayer’s decision to end telecommuting at Yahoo! Inc and to require all employees to report to the office.  Yes, she is a working mother, as well as a CEO.   However, she was made CEO to be a leader and turn a major company around.  Sometimes hard […]

Working Moms v. Stay At Home Moms: Grandma’s Perspective

My daughter, a lawyer and a mother, forwarded me an article by Devon Corneal, a lawyer and a mother, from the Huffington Post, on January 28, 2013, entitled, “What Not to Say to A Working Mom.”   Ms. Corneal addressed the following questions and comments a working mom hears:  “Can’t you afford to stay home?” “I’d […]