Introducing Salad to Grandchildren Putting Fruits and Vegetables On A Pedestal First and Other Art Installation Projects

Honoring fruits and vegetables by putting them on a pedestal never occurred to this Grandmother.  It took an artist exhibiting at the Whitney Museum in New York to creatively come up with this idea.  Darren Bader’s work stands alone in the gallery. “Fresh fruits and vegetables—“nature’s impeccable sculpture,” according to Bader—are presented as formal objects […]

The Absolute Best Thing to Send your Grandchildren in Summer Camp Now That We No Longer Can Send Packages

This Grandma planned summer camp packages for grandchildren in sleep away camp months ahead. I collected items, created items, boxed them, and was ready to post them in intervals before their parents’ had packed their trunks. I then prepared letters for every other day, and preordered cards to be automatically posted for the inbetween […]

Summer Camp Mail For Those Grandchildren At Sleep Away Camp and Those Not

We experienced grandmas know we cannot expect mail from our summer campers, but they expect much mail from us.   The grandchildren at sleep away camp are required to send grandparents at least one letter.  I always tell the grandchildren I absolutely want only one letter, not more. I tell them that I know they love […]

New Grandpa and Grandma Books Are Best Sellers Which Shows How Much We Boomer Grandparents Crave Books About Grandchildren and Grandparents

The most recent New York Times Children’s Best Seller list includes at number 3, “How to Babysit a Grandma, “ by Jean Reagan. This follows a previous best seller, “How to Babysit a Grandpa, also by Jean Reagan. We Boomer grandparents crave books about grandchildren and grandparents. This Grandma thinks the release of this book […]