Are Toys and Board Games Dead and Should We Grandparents Keep Them Alive This Holiday Season

Each year it seems that toys and games make up less and less of grandchildren’s birthday and holiday lists and electronics and apps make up more and more. Fortunately, the parents of our grandchildren try to have a weekly game night so our grandchildren are introduced to classic board games. I think it is the […]

Disney Princesses Come With Controversy Before the Holidays 2016

Disney princesses are young children’s favorites.  This holiday there is a new princess.   The animated Disney movie, “Moana,” was number one at the American box office over the Thanksgiving 2016 weekend.  The review at Common Sense Media, this Grandma’s go to source for children’s movies,  says it is for age 6 and up.  The review […]

Buy A Boy Doll for your Grandson. . . and Your Granddaughter and Mix It Up More

When our eldest grandson was a toddler, this Grandma immediately bought him a boy doll and a stroller, in blue of course. It was hard to find a boy doll back then.  In 2014, this Grandma wrote a blog post about the need to buy a grandson a boy doll.  Take a look at “Grandma […]

Summer Floating With New Summer Pool Floats for Grandchildren

It is not often that the Oppenheimer Toy Awards fail me.  This Grandma can usually find a wonderful  award  winning toy item on  It has to be the search.  I wanted to find the best new pool floats for grandchildren, and tried many different terms to no avail.  Fortunately, a summer Learning Express catalog […]

After Oppenheimer Toy Award Winners Determined, The Value of Zulily and This Grandma Finding Each Other Confirmed by the Skimm

This Grandma LOVES The Oppenheimer Toy awards listed on t he website provide mountains of ideas to buy gifts for grandchildren for every occasion or no occasion. As stated on the website, “Educator, parent & kid testing goes into each product considered for an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award. We don’t accept ads or charge […]

We Have Good Reason to Read Aloud to Grandchildren of All Ages

In the New York Times, January 8, 2015, Motoko Richjan, in “Study Finds Reading to Children of All Ages Grooms Them to Read More on Their Own,” gives us good reasons to read aloud to grandchildren of all ages. She writes: “Fewer children are reading books frequently for fun, according to a new report released […]