We Boomer Grandparents are Seventy Million Strong and Now Have the Greatest Power To Change Our World

The May 2017 AARP Bulletin had a lead story on how we Boomers are “The Grandparent Boom! A Record 70 Million Americans have Grandchildren.”  One third of American adults (adults defined by AARP, not this Grandma, as those over age 30) are grandparents as of 2014. One AARP statistic that was of interest to me […]

Grace and Frankie, and Grandma Find a Home on Netflix, If Only We Could Turn On Our Smart TV

There are some admissions this Grandma can make in this blog that she would never admit out loud. This Grandma can remember coming home from school, turning on the black and white tiny television in the living room, and watching the circular test pattern on the screen until Howdy Doody came on. Television was a […]