This Boomer Grandma’s Freedom

Being a Boomer child in America, I have lived though decades of great change and opportunity that made the American dream possible. This Grandma was a working mother, part time and mostly full time.  There was never any time for Grandma.  Every moment seemed to belong to everyone else.  And being a Holocaust survivors’ child […]

Grandmas Do Have A Responsibility After All

This Grandma’s mantra is that grandparenting should be no responsibility and all joy.  After all, we did our best to be responsible parents and now we have the parents of our children to be responsible. I read Mama Sass’s column in the Miami Herald, March 29, 2014, “Sharing Family Stories Enriching for Children.”  She wrote […]

Advice from Grandma for Grandchildren: Keep Your Own Troubles — Three Rules to Live By

My Mother had a saying which translates into, “keep your own troubles.”  Every time I would complain about problems in my life, that is what I heard.  I came to understand what my Mother meant, especially considering her companion mantra, “life is hard and then you die.” She was a Holocaust survivor after all, which […]