New York Broadway Plays for Grandchildren

In our family, we took our children to New York City every year for theatre.  Now we take our grandchildren to New York City for theatre.  We have seen most of the following plays with our grandchildren.  Their other grandparents took the grandchildren to see Annie.  Grandpa and I have seen Blue Man Group and […]

Grandpa needs Grandma Lessons

Tonight, I heard about a very unhappy Grandpa.  He visited his son, daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren, ages two and four last year in Boston, his home before he moved to Florida.  The son and daughter-in-law had just purchased a new home and he was visiting to see it for the first time.  The guest room […]

When a Grandchild says “I don’t want to” or “I can’t”

When my grandchild says, “I can’t pick up the toys,” that is so easy for Grandma.  First, I show the difference between “I can’t” and “I don’t want to.”  Please let me see your hands.  Please wiggle your fingers.  Please lift them up over your head.  You can even do “Simon Says.”  See, your hands […]

Safety at Grandma’s House

Amy Dickinson writes the “Ask Amy,” column nationally, reprinted in the Sun Sentinel newspaper in Florida.  In her January 22, 2013 column, she printed a response to her previous advice written by “Amaya’s Gramma,” which is worth repeating.  If you did not see it: Dear Amy:  I’m responding to the letter from “Frustrated” who was […]

Initial Love Necklaces: For Grandma Too

One of my daughter’s friends has four sons.  For her birthday, her husband got her the most beautiful necklace that had four discs with each of the children’s names on and pearls hanging from the chain.  I loved it.  I have four grandchildren.  Why not? There are several options on the internet.  Here are the […]

Working Moms v. Stay At Home Moms: Grandma’s Perspective

My daughter, a lawyer and a mother, forwarded me an article by Devon Corneal, a lawyer and a mother, from the Huffington Post, on January 28, 2013, entitled, “What Not to Say to A Working Mom.”   Ms. Corneal addressed the following questions and comments a working mom hears:  “Can’t you afford to stay home?” “I’d […]

Baking with Grandma–Grandma’s Cupcakes in Cones

Baking with grandchildren is a great activity.  The recipe should be a simple one with not too many ingredients.  The recipe is just the beginning of Grandma’s plan.  The recipe should be divided up into child tasks depending on the number of grandchildren and the ages of the grandchildren doing the activity.   Of course, Grandma […]

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts from Grandma to Grandchildren (and Children, too)

Every year at Valentine’s Day, we are bombarded with advertisements for chocolate and flowers.  Everyone gets lots of chocolate and flowers.  How can we Grandmas find the best Valentine’s gifts? As Grandma, I buy gifts for the grandchildren for every major and minor occasion in their lives or for no occasion at all.  I buy […]

Advice from Grandma for Grandchildren: Keep Your Own Troubles — Three Rules to Live By

My Mother had a saying which translates into, “keep your own troubles.”  Every time I would complain about problems in my life, that is what I heard.  I came to understand what my Mother meant, especially considering her companion mantra, “life is hard and then you die.” She was a Holocaust survivor after all, which […]

You are Only as Happy as your Unhappiest Grandchild

A young friend whose youngest is a freshman in college shared her current nightmare.  Her daughter has a promiscuous roommate and has caught the roommate and boyfriend repeatedly in bed.  I tried not to laugh when she told me her daughter was mortified when she walked into the room once and the boyfriend grabbed her […]

The Wisdom of Multi-generational Friendships

I was with a long (we never say old) friend recently at a professional event, and of course asked her and her husband about their seven grandchildren from the ages of two to nine.  Her son and daughter-in-law live next door with their four children and her daughter lives ten minutes away with her three.  […]

Should Grandchildren be Forced to Write Grandma a Thank You Note

Watching the Today Show on NBC on January 22, 2013, I saw Philip Galanes, New York Times columnist and author of the book, “Social Q’s: How to Survive the Quirks, Quandaries and Quagmires of Today,” discussing the disappearing thank-you note.  The video and article can be found at at The article on the website […]

Newtown Massacre and Grandma’s Responsibility

It is now nearly four weeks since the Newtown massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School and you would think the brutal news would not be the subject of daily visuals on media.  However, that is not to be.  Two of my grandchildren live in Connecticut, about an hour or less from Newtown.  My daughter knows people […]

Our Grandsons Have to Be Prepared to Support Themselves in Our Evolving Society

When I raised two daughters, I was concerned about them finding careers in which they would be able to support themselves and not have to rely upon a man for support.  It was the 1970s and 1980s and the divorce rates spiked.  Women and children were struggling as near 80% of mothers then were having […]

Grandma’s Mac ‘N Cheese for grandchildren

My grandchildren love California Pizza Kitchen.   Whenever we visit, they always ask to go to California Pizza Kitchen as a special treat.  If you ask them their favorite restaurant, they will invariably say California Pizza Kitchen. It is not for the varied menu, however.  Every time we go, they order the SAME dish:  Mac ‘N […]

Grandma’s Way to “Train a Parent, Spare a Child”

I wish I came up with this title, but I didn’t.  Bruce Feiler, the author of “The Secrets of Happy Families,” wrote a column with this title  in the New York Times, Sunday, January 13, 2013, about “more creative bribing” of children—“or to be more precise, the giving of blunt, uncreative rewards for desired behavior.”  […]

Epcot at Disney World in Orlando

A Surprising Wonderful Multigenerational Vacation Place with Grandchildren As Floridian grandparents, Disney World is a great place for a multigenerational family vacation.  We always go to the Magic Kingdom but decided to expand our horizons to Epcot.  What a surprising wonderful multigenerational vacation place with grandchildren!  We visited what we could in one day moving […]

Grandma visits make lasting memories

I just got off the telephone with Jet Blue, again paying a change fee to change our February flights to see our youngest grandchildren.  My younger daughter called and asked that we come the last flight night before a previously planned flight, as our grandson is off from school the day we were to arrive […]

Grandma Gift Guide for Babies

As with infants, time is the greatest gift.  Time to sleep.  Time to be able to leave the house for a simple errand or just to leave the house.  Time for the parents to be alone and rekindle intimacy is the greatest gift to give your grandchild at any age. My first gift suggestion is […]

Grandma Gift Guide for Parents to be

Time is the greatest gift.  Time to sleep.  Time to be able to leave the house for a simple errand or just to leave the house.  Time for the parents to be alone and rekindle intimacy is the greatest gift to give your grandchild at any age My first gift suggestion is to make a […]