Personalized Baby Gift Ideas for the Third Child Born in the Family

A dear friend has a new granddaughter.  She is the fifth granddaughter in the family.  One thing is sure.  This adorable newborn does not need clothes!  Even culling from five previous girls, even if you like very little, even if only a little bit is in great condition, this adorable newborn does not need clothes. […]

Grandma buys Best Balls and Games with Balls for Grandchildren

Balls are the best gift for grandchildren of every age.  Balls come in every size and shape. If you want to buy a soccer ball, or basketball, or football, for learning the sport, look on the internet for information as to the best to buy for your age grandchild.  Otherwise, if you are looking for […]

Earrings for Grandchild: When Mom Says No to Grandma

When our granddaughter was born, the first gift I purchased was the smallest pair of diamond earrings I could find.  Only real diamonds would do.  With a generous $150 budget, as with everything I do, I checked all the websites. Ross-Simons, Fortunoffs, Bloomingdales ….Then, I checked www.retailmenot to see if there were any further discounts or coupons […]

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts from Grandma to Grandchildren (and Children, too)

Every year at Valentine’s Day, we are bombarded with advertisements for chocolate and flowers.  Everyone gets lots of chocolate and flowers.  How can we Grandmas find the best Valentine’s gifts? As Grandma, I buy gifts for the grandchildren for every major and minor occasion in their lives or for no occasion at all.  I buy […]

Should Grandchildren be Forced to Write Grandma a Thank You Note

Watching the Today Show on NBC on January 22, 2013, I saw Philip Galanes, New York Times columnist and author of the book, “Social Q’s: How to Survive the Quirks, Quandaries and Quagmires of Today,” discussing the disappearing thank-you note.  The video and article can be found at at The article on the website […]

Grandma Gift Guide for Parents to be

Time is the greatest gift.  Time to sleep.  Time to be able to leave the house for a simple errand or just to leave the house.  Time for the parents to be alone and rekindle intimacy is the greatest gift to give your grandchild at any age My first gift suggestion is to make a […]

Grandma’s favorite websites for gifts for grandchildren

I have so many websites I love for different reasons when buying gifts for grandchildren.  Two websites stand out from the rest. is my first source for any gift for a grandchild.  Oppenheimer Toy Portfolio Awards review toys, books, audio and videos by age group, starting at infant.  Educator, parent and kid testing goes […]