It Cannot Get Easier than A Fourth of July Red, White, and Blue Cake Made In Minutes For 2021 Celebration Finally With Family and Friends

Even President Biden says it is time to celebrate! This Fourth of July 2021 is most special as many of us have not enjoyed the company of family and friends for much too long. Yes, we are all planning on barbeques, or those of us most fortunate have been invited to one where we do […]

How to Rename the “Better Than Sex” Chocolate Cake for Grandchildren

This Grandma’s favorite is chocolate.  Yes, anything chocolate.  When my daughter was a baby, I would heat up hot fudge and I would have one taste and give the baby the other.  Who knew back then about not giving chocolate until a baby was one!  She still loves chocolate and is fine. The absolute best […]

Cookie Stuffed Brownies to Bake with Grandma

This Grandma accidentally stumbled on the one sweet recipe that is going to make the parents of our grandchildren cringe.  However, it is going to make our grandchildren jump for joy. Imagine brownies stuffed with chocolate chip cookie dough and Oreos!  And, the recipe is an easy dream.  A win-win for grandchild and grandma.  Maybe […]