If I Knew I Were Dying, What Would I Want To Talk About Now

Last year, I wrote a blog post titled, “If I Knew I Were Dying, What Would I Want To Talk About Now.”  I had then recently watched, The PBS NewsHour, which presented Hospice Chaplain Carrie Egan, in an “In My Humble Opinion” segment called “Don’t Wait Till Your Dying Words to Say What’s Most Important.”  […]

National Monopoly Day Rollout of New Playing Pieces Shows The Board Game’s Continuing popularity for Nearly A Century Still Keeping Sibling Rivalry Alive

This Grandma recently spent time with Grandpa and her younger brother, during which the younger brother bemoaned playing Monopoly with Grandma in his youth.  He said that I cheated and proceeded to recount all the ways that I cheated at Monopoly when we played together.  I was amazed he could remember such detail more than […]

This Grandma’s Review of Disney’s Andi Mack is Not What the Disney Channel Executives Want to Hear

This Grandma likes to be cool and in the know.  When I read about a new Disney Channel series that was touted to be creative, curious and progressive, I wanted to know more.  The New York Times, March 13, 2017, had an article that caught my eye, “As Kids Mature Faster, Disney Adapts.” Andi Mack, […]