Invaluable Advice From Two Masters on Traveling Throughout Your Life

This Grandma is a child of Holocaust survivors. My mother was the only survivor of her village in Poland.* My father, a survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto and Treblinka Death Camp,** after the end of the World War II, learned that his brother, my Uncle Eddie, and one of his sisters, my Aunt Fay, survived.  […]

Why Not to Use ChatGPT As Your Travel Agent and Why and How to Use Tripadvisor As Your Best Option to Find the Best at the Best Price, Including This Grandma’s Already Planned Itineraries for Couples, Family and Multigenerational Family Vacations Using Tripadvisor

When I saw “How To Make A.I. Your Personal Shopper,” in the New York Times, Tuesday, June 20, 2023, I was excited that the author, Brian X. Chen, gave ways in which A.I. can help “make informed purchasing decisions quickly and efficiently.” He gave examples for product research and grocery shopping, and third, to my […]

Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Laguna Beach, California, With Teenage Grandchildren 2022

Covid and Covid protocols caused us to cancel our second oldest grandson’s Bar Mitzvah trip to Israel three years in a row.  He and we gave up.  Instead, he asked for a trip to California with his close cousin, a year older than he.  Smart move and a win-win.  If you can travel with two […]

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