Great Grandmother’s Jello Mold is Part of the Fabric of Our Traditions And Jello Even Works for Your Family Traditions for the Upcoming July Fourth Holiday

When this Grandma was a child, Jello was a favored dessert.  We had different flavors and ingredients put into different size Tupperware molds.  My favorite was cherry Jello, with canned fruit cocktail in it.  When I think of the calories and probably the lack of nutrition, I cringe.  I fed my children Jello, mostly when […]

How To Get Your Grandchildren To Help With Spring Cleaning With Common Household Foods and Fruits Doing the Work

This Grandma is always viewing television segments on the Today Show with an eye on how to use what they teach with grandchildren.  You could never imagine that spring cleaning would be something that could be used to get grandchildren interested, but April 18, 2017, the Today show segment was all about using foods and […]

Popsicle Molds and Homemade Healthy Colorful Popsicles to Make With Or For Grandchildren of All Ages

Yes, the parents of our grandchildren are anti sugar everything, unless it is they who are rewarding our grandchildren with candy.  This Grandma discovered that this spring break when a grandchild was bribed with candy by a parent!  That is a grandparent’s job!  But, as is one of this Grandma’s mantras, we say nothing to […]

Fruity Pebbles French Toast and Other Favorite Cereal Coated Foods Grandchildren Will Love to Make and Eat

French toast is a treat the grandchildren ask for immediately when this Grandma visits.  Who else would make it for them on a school day morning?  I always serve it with syrup and cinnamon sugar and was surprised I never thought of coating it with one of their favorite cereals.  Cookbook author Jocelyn Delk Adams […]

Comfort Food “Whatever You Want Soup” and “Adult Soup” That We Grandmas May Cook With Our Grandchildren But Must Forbid Them To Eat

When this Grandma was a child a pot of soup was always on the stove in our house.  GG (great grandmother, my mother) came from a time and place of limited food supply and she always remembered that soup was a stable of her diet, and made it a staple of ours.  I never realized […]

Chocolate for Anti Aging and Easy Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Bread Pudding Recipes from Great Great Grandmother to the Present

Advertised as a great holiday present, this Grandma notes anything chocolate is a great present.  But anti-aging chocolate?  I could not ask the family to spend $55 on “one small esthechoc a day helps to regain your skin health and slow down aging process. Esthechoc science based skin indulgence.” This Grandma would rather eat the […]

Banana Everything Cookies Means They Are Vegan and Healthy. . .Sort Of

Lately, banana is a key ingredient in recipes this Grandma has found.  Of course, fruit in a cookie makes it healthy, according to Grandma. See recent previous post: “Nutella and Bananas or Apples Combine to Make A Tasty and Healthy After School Snack or Maybe Even a Breakfast Food”. We all have ripe bananas sitting […]

The History of Pizza and 101 Best Pizzas in the United States at Our Fingertips

The Sunday travel news in our local South Florida newspaper, the Sun Sentinel, had an article about how to find two of the best pizzas in the United States in our local community.  Apparently, in South Florida, we need to go to either Miami or Delray Beach!  Is that why, Mike Mayo, the author “The […]

Grandmas Getting Grandchildren To Eat Vegetables and Healthy Means Hide Them, Flaunt Them, or Repeat Them

When it comes to getting grandchildren to eat vegetables, this Grandma reminds grandmas everywhere of our mantra: grandparenting is all joy and no responsibility.  Getting grandchildren to eat vegetables and healthy is not our problem, but we can make it our fun. There seems to be three categories or theories about getting children to eat […]

Picking A Perfect Pumpkin and What to Do and Eat Afterwards

This Grandma did not realize there was an art to selecting the best pumpkin.  If you are with me, then the internet is a treasure trove of information. 1. The pumpkin should be heavy. 2. Look for soft spots, mold, or wrinkles that look like the pumpkin may have started to spoil.  Place the pumpkin […]

Nutella and Bananas or Apples Combine to Make A Tasty and Healthy After School Snack or Maybe Even a Breakfast Food

The first time this Grandma heard of Nutella, a chocolate hazelnut spread similar in texture to a peanut butter spread, was in 1988.  Our eldest daughter came back from a “People to People” European teen tour after being introduced there to Nutella, and, a lifetime chocoholic (maybe due to the fact I fed her chocolate […]

Candied Strawberries Made With Sugar or Stevia For a Healthy Treat

Summer is strawberry season.  However, this summer a grandson complained to me that the strawberries were not sweet.  Oprah must have agreed, as in her August 2016 Oprah Magazine she included a recipe for Candied Strawberries! Oprah’s recipe uses sugar and is not a recipe that a grandma can do WITH grandchildren but can do […]

No More Scraping The Bowl When and If Baking With Grandchildren and Throw Away Your Flour

Grandchildren love scraping the bowl of cookie dough or the like. They love it more than cleaning the bowl at the sink, although they could spend hours splashing water around “cleaning up” after baking. That is why we grandmas cover our floors and counters with old towels for easy cleanup. The grandchildren scraping the bowls […]

Pillsbury and the Girl Scouts Make and Give Us Grandmas A Sweet Deal

This past week Grandpa and I visited the grandchildren before they left for sleep away camp.  Their parents have become obsessed with healthy eating.  This is not a bad thing, other than the purging of all chocolate and candy from their home.  Fortunately, the parents of our grandchildren do not realize there is a secret […]

Using the Microwave to Make the Best Chocolate Lava Cake Dessert

The Today Show has the best guest chefs, and their April 29, 2016 segment with Al Roker about the famous French chef Jean-Georges (we never remember his last name which is Vongerichten), who invented the molten chocolate cake in the 1980s was wonderful. Apparently, Jean-Georges discovered this molten chocolate cake by accident. He was making […]

Layered Ice Cream Treats, Fancy and Plain, to Explore With Grandchildren Ready for Spring and Summer

When our children were small, this Grandma took gourmet cooking lessons. Now I cannot find those fabulous recipes I compiled as we used to keep recipes on cards, long lost.  But, one that is easy to remember is the layered ice cream pie that went into Baked Alaska. Our gourmet chef teacher liked to make […]

Choose Between Ina Garten’s Peanut Swirl Brownies or A Brownie Mix with Peanut Butter Swirl

This Grandma loves to think she is giving grandchildren healthy desserts if one ingredient is healthy.  Yes, peanut butter qualifies.  A twitter post had Ina Garten’s peanut butter swirl recipe from the Food Network.  This caught my eye.  A long (we never say old) dear friend introduced me to Ina Garten and her recipes.  I […]

Adult Guilty Pleasure With Velvetta Queso Dip and What To Do With the Leftover Velvetta After Making the Best Mac And Cheese For Grandchildren

Our grandchildren love California Pizza Kitchen’s mac and cheese. This Grandma went on a hunt to try to replicate it and found a recipe that the grandchildren said is better than the mac and cheese they get at California Pizza Kitchen. Here is the post and the recipe: It has gotten to the point where […]

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Mini Dessert Sandwiches From a Famous Chef Add to Grandma’s Collection of Decedent Unhealthy But Delicious Treats With Which To Spoil Grandchildren

This Grandma always looks for decedent unhealthy but delicious treats with which to spoil grandchildren. Who would have thought I would find something outrageously tempting in a recipe in People Magazine. Trying to find the recipe on line without purchasing Jacques Pepin’s cookbook, “Jacques Pepin Heart & Soul in the Kitchen,” is impossible. He calls […]

Healthy Grandchildren in 2016 With and Baked Chicken Tenders

The news about the Zika virus passed by mosquitos is all over the news. The news about the children in Flint, Michigan being exposed to lead is all over the news. Unfortunately, the news media is making all of us grandmas concerned about everything in our environment and society that can hurt our grandchildren. Where […]