Christmas and Chanukah, Two of the Best Holiday Gift Resources for the Newest and Best Top Rated Toys and Games for Children of All Ages at All Price Points and The Easiest Way To Find Them All

This Grandma found the Oppenheimer Toy Awards years ago.  It should be the first place to look for award winning toys and games for 2023 for children of all ages.  Why?  They are researched and tested by children of the targeted age group and give you the newest and best at all price points. The […]

Two Important Tips About Using Amazon You Probably Never Knew and More About How Amazon Participates in Charitable Giving and How You Can Easily Too, Especially With Spring Cleaning Season Upon Us

As an Amazon shopper, I know the negative vibe.  If you shop Amazon consistently, you are putting small businesses out of business. I comfort myself my knowing I do shop small businesses and find much I buy on Etsy.  When I need something easy to find (because stores no longer stock as they used to) […]

Grandchildren Will Love Easy To Make July Fourth Red, White and Blue Dessert Kebabs

When Fourth of July rolls around, it is great to come up with red, white, and blue desserts to make with grandchildren.  As with all the recipes, this Grandma recommends to make with grandchildren, they must be easy.  Always remember to cover your kitchen counters and floors with old towels for easy cleanup! In 2021, […]

The Three Craft Toys That Grandparents Should Beware of Allowing Grandchildren To Play With At Their Homes

This Grandma has given many cooking and baking tips for grandparents doing so with grandchildren, including cleaning tips, covering counters and floors with rags or old towels for the best and easy cleanup, when I venture to do so with them. Some of my grandma friends say their favorite blog post I wrote about cooking […]

What Family Vacations, Grandchildren, and Grandparent Electronics Lessons Have in Common

Not especially tech savvy, I wait for family vacations to pester our older grandchildren and ask their help to make my use of electronics more user friendly. The best is when they, by happenstance, see me struggling with something and teach me a trick that is indispensable to my life. This may seem like an […]

Father’s Day After the Pandemic Shutdown: Planning Get Togethers and More Gift Ideas

Last year, Father’s Day was like no other, and this Grandma acknowledged that with gifts appropriate to that experience. Father’s Day 2020 is a Father’s Day Like No Other and Consider Gifts Like No Other Year Father’s Day 2020 is a Father’s Day Like No Other and Consider Gifts Like No Other Year   Previous […]

Two Best Moisturizers That Take Care Of This Grandma’s Wrinkly Crepey Thighs, Skin and Neck Beautifully

This Grandma has a dear long (we never say old) friend who must have been a medicine woman in another life.Whenever I or a member of our family has any medical related issue, big or small, I go to her. Invariably, she has a solution or recommendation that is helpful, or at least a direction […]

Memorializing Family Rituals and Traditions in the New Year 2021

When I wrote previous New Year’s blog posts I thought those transitions were difficult. See blog post, Memorializing Family Rituals and Traditions in the New Year 2019, in which I reviewed that year and previous posts so applicable again this year. Now we have survived a year of a pandemic, causing loss and the greatest […]

Having The Best Selection of 2020 Holiday Gifts in One Article For Anyone in the World is the Best Resource for 2021 Gifts, Especially For Grandchildren

This Grandma, for this blog, keeps folders of different topics on my Ipad. Whenever I read something I want to keep, I put it in a folder.  I recently perused the New York Magazine article, “Every Holiday Gift Guide From the Strategist — in One Place,” by the editors, December 1, 2020. I realized that […]

The Best of the Best 2020 Christmas and Chanukah Gifts for Everyone and Especially Grandchildren in This Far From the Best Year for Celebration

Thanksgiving 2020 took a toll.  Not only could this Grandma not cook small enough for two, nothing tasted as good as when the entire family is together.  And none of us were together.  Zoom just did not cut it for Thanksgiving.  The grandchildren were not loud, boisterous, and involved, from youngest to oldest.  This year […]

The Difference in American Life due to COVID-19 Between March and April 2020 and November 2020: Pandemic Loss of Memories and Sharing Life Passage Events Brings Tears

When the pandemic lockdown occurred March, 2020, I videotaped the three oldest grandchildren for them to save and look at their videos in ten years memorializing their lives during COVID-19.  We had a list of questions for them to answer, including how the pandemic lockdown had changed their lives.  The oldest grandchild, age seventeen, was […]

Board Games Are Selling Out in the Pandemic So Buy Early to Get The Best For Everyone in the Family for The Holidays, Especially a Board Game Called “Pandemic”

Now that we all are spending more time at home, the news today included that we may have another run on toilet paper as the coronavirus soars (so stock up, of course), and board games are included in the expected rush for the coronavirus surge which comes right before the holidays.  I suggest that whatever […]

The 2019 Most Popular Baby Names Have Few Surprises But the Biggest Surprise is How The Impact Of Current Affairs and The Coronavirus Have Overshadowed the Announcement

This Grandma loves seeing the Social Security Administration’s listing of the most popular baby names of the year.  If you put the term “baby names” into “search this site,” on, you will see all the previous most popular baby names going back seven years! Usually there are so many articles about the baby names […]

Halloween Celebration and Decorating in the Age of COVID-19 Coronavirus

Everything seems different and chaotic in this COVID-19 coronavirus time in our lives.  Each year this Grandma buys Halloween costumes for the grandchildren.  It has become my thing.  This year, with the coronavirus, the CDC has so many Halloween celebrations recommendations and limitations, I hope the grandchildren will NOT be trick or treating at all.  […]

Taking A Virtual Zoom Baby Shower to the Next Level With the Best Four Tips

Yesterday, I participated in a Zoom baby shower given by one of my long (we never say old) dear friends for her son and daughter-in-law.  Yes, in July, when she told me she was going to do this, I searched many articles about virtual baby showers, to find the best one to send her to […]

PART ONE of Learning Tips to Pass Along and Incorporate With Your Grandchildren During Remote On Line or Part Time Learning and Any Time

At this time of remote or part time learning, we are all concerned about how much our grandchildren are going to retain.  I hope the two blog posts on my interpretation of learning theory I have found helpful hopefully helps us grandparents help our precious grandchildren. After having taught elementary and middle school for seven […]

A New Scientific Study Shows How We Grandparents Cause Ill Will Between Us and the Parents of Our Grandchildren Over Parenting and Tips and Ideas to Preserve Access to Our Grandchildren

“Half of Parents Report Butting Heads with Child’s Grandparent Over Parenting,” is a new study   from C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health at Michigan Medicine – University of Michigan, August 17, 2020,  in Science Daily. The summary and the conclusion contain grandparents’ greatest fear: “Nearly half of parents describe disagreements with one […]

Seven Great On Line Shopping Tips During COVID-19 or Anytime to Get the Best at the Best Price

In this time of COVID-19, spending more time in our homes, we are not only cleaning closets and reorganizing, we are looking to change or upgrade our surroundings. Whether redecorating an entire house or room, or replacing one item in the home, on line shopping is the way to go now.  Our daughters are doing […]

Rainbow Bread to Enjoy On Our Way to Reach “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

Times are hard right now for all of us. There is a perfect song for this time,“Somewhere over the Rainbow” from Wizard of Oz. If you have not introduced the movie with the great Judy Garland to your grandchildren, Common Sense Media, my go to review website for movies, books and more, says it is […]

The Six Best Tips for Car Travel in the Time of Coronavirus, Covid-19

With the corona virus pandemic, we do not want to leave the house, much less travel any distance. Yes, staying home is getting old. But, travel is now anxiety ridden and just plain scary. Life in the time of Covid-19 means weighing risk tolerance and just how much risk one is willing to take, especially […]

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