Ten of the Best Creative and Useful Gifts From Grandparents For New Parents Up To Parents of Toddlers and Preschoolers

This Grandma always says that when I was a mother it was really the dark ages, we knew little and had little access to information other than from Dr. Spock.  Tools and gifts that are available today are so interesting, creative and useful.  Here are some that new parents and parents of toddlers and preschoolers may not think of and will make you a hero, and so modern thinking, not bad things at all.

A Feeding Coverup Bib combo With a Food Catcher

To save so much cleaning up, consider getting the new mother a feeding coverup bib that completely covers the baby’s clothing and catches what is dropped or as likely, spit out, from the mouth.  Ikea’s bib is just $10 and a lifesaver.

For a toddler, consider Target’s $12 green sprouts Snap & Go Easy-wear Long Sleeve Bib – Aqua Dogs – 12/24 Months for a boy or green sprouts Snap & Go Easy-wear Long Sleeve Bib – Pink Blossom – 12/24 Months for a girl.


Chewbeads Brooklyn Collection

For just $16-$22.50, get the new mother a necklace that is also a teether for baby, “made from wood and silicone baby chew beads and available in several different colors. These teething necklaces look like high fashion accessories, but they’re safe for your baby to chew and grab. They even come with a breakable clasp in case your little one grabs on just a bit too tight! And with the fun assortment of bead colors, shapes, and textures, your baby will want to grab on and chew away.”  Consider getting one or more for yourself. When you wander through the Chewbeads website, there is bound to be more that catches your eye for baby or mom.

Frida Baby 3-in-1 Nail, Nose and Ear Picker

As grandparents, we know the value of this $10 tool that has the ability of sucking snot, but perfectly designed to clean crusties + gunk out of all bodily crevices. Four different tips; nose, nail, ear + misc. like belly button fuzz or toe jam Safety design ensures parent from going in too far up nose & ear.  Buy at Target.

For stuffy noses, add the $17 Frida Baby NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator.

Baby Shusher

Where was this when I was a young mother! An Amazon best seller and award winner, the $34 Baby Shusher is for soothing babies to sleep, portable, easy-to-clean, durable, BPA-Free material item, emits a calming shush to help lull babies, with 15- and 30-minute timers to work on even the most res sleepers. It is battery operated, has adjustable volume and wrist strap to carry it.

Kleynimals Clean Key Animals Teether and Sugar + Maple Silicone Pacifier + Teether Clip – Rainbow Colors

We grandparents know that our grand babies love to chew on keys, however they are just so unsanitary.  Consider a somewhat expensive but safe $39.99 set of Eli the Elephant, Gus the Giraffe, and Leo the Lion non-toxic stainless steel toy keys.

My second favorite on this site is the $15 Sugar + Maple Silicone Pacifier + Teether Clip – Rainbow Colors. “The safety tested metal clip affixes to your baby’s clothing at one end and secures with a loop around most pacifiers, teethers, and other small toys or security size blankets. Soft, smooth silicone beads form a teether that is just the right length for baby to be able to bring a pacifier or teether to the mouth.” https://www.destinationbabykids.com/sugar-maple-silicone-pacifier-teether-clip-rainbow

Take a look through the toys and stuffed animals and more on www.destinationbabykids.com and you will find further inspiration.

Hatch Rest 2nd Gen All-in-one Sleep Machine, Nightlight & Sound Machine

With five star reviews on Target, this $69 sleep sound machine grows with babies and is useful for toddlers and more.

As described on Target, it “is the do-it-all sleep device that you can control from your phone. Combining night light, sound machine, Time-to-Rise, and more, Rest 2nd Gen is fully customizable, programmable, and controlled from anywhere in your home. Perfect for babies, toddlers, and big kids . . . .Rest 2nd Gen grows with your child’s needs, providing soft light and white noise for midnight newborn feeding sessions, fun wind down stories for preschoolers that don’t love bedtime, and a Time-to-Rise function for your older child!”

Letters to My Baby: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever

For $12 at Amazon, buy “Letters to My Baby: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever” keepsake of just 12 letters for a new parent to fill these envelopes with memories for the baby. Then they are ready postdate, seal, and save the letters to gift to the  child at a later date. Each letter begins “with a unique prompt, such as:

On the day you were born …

My wishes for you are …

Your first home was like this …”

Only 12, so not a great chore as filling out a baby book, so old fashioned as you will see below.

Etsy Up2OurNecksInFabric Seller of Mommy or Daddy and Me Items

Select among so many options from this Etsy top ranked seller for matching items starting at $25 for personalized items for parents and more, including Mommy and Me Shirt and Onesie or Daddy and me items. https://www.etsy.com/shop/Up2ournecksinfabric?search_query=mommy+and+me

There are even grandmother and grandfather items.  Check out their ideas for Father’s Day coming up.

Minted Baby’s First Year Custom Art and Minted Stationary and More

Starting at $50 at www.minted.com, with Minted Baby’s First Year Custom Art, you can create or have a Minted designer help create a framed collage of twelve photos, by uploading the photos online, one of each month of the baby’s first year.  A beautiful piece of art for the parents to hang in their home.

Minted has so much more in quality personalized gifts to check out for babies and children and their parents. 

Qeepsake, a baby journal app Membership

On Sharktank Success, Qeepsake is described as an app “that masters the ability of text messaging to simplify journaling. It sends two questions every day- all relevant to the child’s development. Parents must simply answer the questions and add an image. Qeepsake’s AI develops a digital journal that you can edit to your preference. And later, when it’s ready, you can also print out a book.” Qeepsake has a 4.8-star rated iPhone and Android mobile app and has won various awards. It enables parents to fill out a baby book by texting information,  without consuming ample time, and therefore record the baby’s development. instantly keeping track from pregnancy to babvhood.  The website says, “Text in moments as they happen. Receive daily prompts that instantly become a timeless Qeepsake.” You can buy a Qeepsake one year membership as a gift for less than $50.


How so up to date and helpful of us grandparents!  And ideas for baby shower gifts and holiday gifts for other special parents-to-be.



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