Archives Must Reads For New Grandparents. Part II What To Buy, From Equipment to Toys and Gifts


As this Grandma said in Part I, a dear long friend, who is becoming a grandma for the first time, asked me to give her my must reads for new grandmas from my archives. I wanted to give an idea of the varied content, from tips to gifts, to do’s and do not’s.

There is a search feature.  I put in “newborn” and had to stop! There is so much.  Here are the links to just a beginning of what is in the archives for new grandmas and new parents to be.  Part I included links to the “Grandma Lessons,” the tips for new grandmas.  This Part II includes links below to archives as what to buy, from equipment to toys and gifts.

As I told my dear long friend. . . .

This is the best time of life.  Enjoy!



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