When We Boomers, Our Adult Children, and Our Grandchildren Too, Need A Movie Bathroom Break Without Missing Anything Significant in the Movie, There Is An App For That

My mother insists that she toilet trained me at six months. I told her she was trained and could not go anywhere.  My mother demurred. Running the faucet in the sink was the key.  Apparently, running water is now the trigger for me for life.  After reading the article, “ ‘Avatar’ and The Way of the Bursting Bubbles,”  by Callie Holtermann, in the New York Times, January 15, 2023, I realized I could not see that movie in a theater. The headline is “A Three Hour Plus Film Full Of Churning Seas Means Bathroom Breaks.” It seems that I was not the only one toilet trained with running water, but it also matters that James Cameron is a perfectionist.

I love this paragraph the by the writer:

“These photo-realistic sequences make up the bulk of a movie that many are watching in theaters with vats of soda in hand, creating a perfect storm for filmgoers to need to take one or more bathroom breaks.”

One gentleman quoted in the article said he had to go to the bathroom three times during the movie. James Cameron is quoted as saying one can go to the bathroom at any time in the movie.  Even a urologist is quoted who gives advice to survive this movie. Yes, Boomers and those with bladder issues have to heed his suggestions.

I did not see two things in the New York Times article.

First, there is another article that gives you specific times to go to the bathroom during Avatar where you will not miss anything significant.

Second, what I did not see in the article was a very practical solution and tool for not missing important scenes in any movie in a theater.  Bemoaning to friends that I did not want to miss one minute of the movie I was watching, “The Fabelmans,” but needing to go to the bathroom, I waited and waited until I guessed I would not miss anything significant and ran.  As soon as I came back, PopPop said that I did not miss much.  What a relief!

Then one of my friends told me that there is an app for your IPhone that can signal when to go to the bathroom during a movie in a theater to not miss anything important!

Really, there is! Now that we Boomers are venturing out again and not wanting to watch movies on TV as much where we can just pause them, this is miraculous.

The app is RunPee.  Could the title be better!

The RunPee app has a 1,900  movie “database updated weekly with the latest movies so you will know the best times to run and pee, without missing the best scenes.” RunPee.com gives you information about each movie too.

So that you do not miss anything, the app “provide[s] a synopsis with each Peetime, so you will know exactly what you missed while you’re gone. . . . . . We tell you what extra scenes are coming and when, and if they are worth staying for.”

Here is how it works.

“The built-in Timer will alert you, by discreet vibration, 30 seconds before each Peetime-so you don’t have to worry about bothering the people around you in the theater.”

Is it a free app?

There are instructions about pee-coins, and although it says it is free, it also says “ you may also subscribe to the RunPee app for $0.99/month to view Peetimes for as many movies as you wish”. Somehow, I earned one free Peecoin to try out the app, and can earn more by sharing a code with friends who sign up.

RunPee has probably struggled during COVID.  If you are like us who love going to a theater to watch a movie, let’s hope there are no more COVID variants that keep us from going.  The good news is that I have avoided going to the movies for long play times and wait until they go on line or on TV, and now I do not have to worry about that.

The information about the app says RunPee has been around for thirteen years. Where was I? Our adult children are probably going to want this information too.  They too are going to take our grandchildren to movies in the theater, or we will, and need to know when we can take a bathroom break.



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