Why and How Instagram Taught Me To Search “Life Hacks” For Simple Solutions to Daily Tasks. Who Knew How Really Helpful Ice Cubes Can Be

Instagram taught me to search “Life Hacks” on Google for simple solutions to daily tasks!

Instagram is an application (app) that my preteen grandchild insisted I must have on my I Phone. A free social media platform, Instagram is for sharing photos and videos with your “followers” and to view photos and videos posted by those you “follow.” I barely looked at it originally, and now look at it every day, for photographs posted by grandchildren and a cousin of her baby, and now for sneakers for my sneakerhead grandson.  According to my preteen and teenage grandchildren, Instagram is no longer THE place to be.  TikTok is the place to be.  No thank you.

I guess they have more hours in the day than I do?

If you are interested in knowing about Instagram, before you ask you grandchildren to install it and add all your children and grandchildren and relatives to access their photos and videos, read,

“A beginner’s guide to Instagram, the wildly popular photo-sharing app with over a billion users,” on Business Insider.

Without my understanding how and why, I started receiving video reel “life hacks” on Instagram.  Finally, as a grandmother, I first learned that “life hacks are intended to improve your life . . .  it’s a system or procedure taken on to deal with one’s time and everyday exercises in a more effective manner.”

I was surprised at how helpful life hanks are.  See, “200 Incredible Life Hacks That Make Life So Much Easier,” by Brian Lee, February 18, 2022, on a website called, of course, “Life Hack.”

Just recently, October 22, 2022, The New York Times printed an article on, “Teenagers Share Their Best Life Hacks: “Be kind to yourself.” “Make a plan first.” “If the weather permits, wear velvet.” And more.”

This Grandma is concerned that I am so unknowing that life hacks are a really big thing.  All I wondered was why two ice cube hacks appeared on my Instagram account in two days! Was it  because I clicked on the life hack for the first?

The first was how to heat pizza so it is not dry.  Ice cubes in fry pan!


So then there is the grandmother who shows life hacks on line.  I caught the one of putting ice cubes in the dryer that takes out wrinkles! Here is an article about “No more ironing! A grandma shares her genius hack for crease-free clothes.”

So, this Grandma searched more “life hacks with ice cubes.” They are amazing!

See, “14 Brilliant Life Hacks Using Ice Cubes,” April 1, 2019, Reddy Ice website. https://www.reddyice.com/14-brilliant-life-hacks-using-ice-cubes/

They include: make your children swallow medicine, without a fuss; help your pets stay hydrated; clean your garbage disposal; clear the fat from your soups and stews; pick out splinters, without too much pain; even out dents from carpets; prevent stains from setting . . . and so much more. . .

Like who knew to “clean the insides of long vases and water bottles by adding couple of ice cubes, a half teaspoon of salt and some lemon juice inside the vase or bottle, and shake vigorously.”

See, also, “25 Cool Ice Cube Hacks You Should Try.”

“Today, ice cubes are part of everyday life, so much so, that you might be tempted to think there’s nothing interesting to do with them apart from put a few in a glass. However, did you know you can use ice cubes to show how dirty your sink drain is? Or use them to make scallions curl? What about creating olive oil and herb frozen cubes or fruity ice cubes for kids? You can even give yourself an icy facial and make your own ice cube ball. What about using ice to cook rice or cool down soup? What about making coffee, wine, and fruit juice iced cubes? Here are 25 cool ice cube hacks you should try.”

This Grandma learned to use Doctor Google, but not to tell my doctor that I have done so.  Now, thanks to Instagram, I know to put “life hack” next to any question about anything about which I want a simple solution.  Our youngest grandchildren know Alexa, and Siri, and google as part of their existence. It is wonderful how the grandchildren open the world to us grandparents.

We grandparents are just beginners!



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