Warmable Stuffed Animals For Babies, Children, Ill and Infirm, and More, Oh My. This Grandma’s Successful Search for the Perfect Teddy Bear for the Perfect Four Year Old Grandson

Our adorable four year old grandson’s teddy bear got eaten by the dog. I know we hear this excuse of “eaten by the dog” but he was so sincere and, of course, wanted this Grandma to replace it. So, no ordinary stuffed animal will do. I wanted to find something special and went on the search for the perfect teddy bear for the perfect (to me) four year old grandson.

Almost immediately, as if reading my mind, on Instagram, came an ad for Warmies stuffed animals. This sort of thing worries me tremendously. How does Instagram know what I am thinking? Invariably, if I do a google search on anything, I see ads on Facebook for it. But, I had not started my search. Spooky! Now that I have looked for reviews for Warmies, and more, I cannot wait to open Facebook to see how many stuffed animal ads appear.

The Warmies stuffed animal concept is fabulous. A stuffed animal that is weighted, has a lavender scent, and becomes warm when heated in the microwave. The hype is wonderful. Helps with calming and soothing babies, even those with dementia and the ill or in pain. But the reality of such warming stuffed animals is not so rosy.

Warmies negative reviews included that, when put in the microwave, it may get on fire! No Warmies. Not to be deterred, I went to google and found a link to “10 Best Microwavable Stuffed Animals.”

With links to Amazon for each, and yes, I checked all ten, the negative reviews were, well, negative. They either could catch on fire, smelled badly at some point, fell apart, didn’t warm, were not safe for babies, or considered poor quality. One was not available and it was from FAO Schwartz. I wonder if they got so many complaints they just removed it.

My next idea was to possibly take him to Build-a-Bear, if appropriate for a four year old active boy, making getting a new teddy bear an experience too. The hype, again, is wonderful:

Customer Strategist:

“The Build-A-Bear Workshop model is extremely personalized. Customers literally walk through the process of making their own individual bear, then make a wish and give it a “heart” to bring it to (imaginary) life. The company’s success is rooted in imagination and experience.”

From the Build A Bear Website:

“It’s true that our furry friends appeal to kids of all ages. But please note that our stuffed animals are appropriate for kids ages 2 and up. Our clothing and accessories are appropriate for children ages 3 and up.”

Regarding safety and reviews, there have been US Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls, but just a few. More of the bad reviews were about customer service and delivery issues, but who needs that.

Now, I am back to looking for regular teddy bears. If you are considering buying stuffed animals, note that for at least the first twelve months, “According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a stuffed animal falls into the category of dangerous items that new parents and caregivers should never place near a sleeping baby in a crib or carriage. Other items in this category include pillow-like toys, blankets, quilts, crib bumpers, and other bedding.”

My go to website for quality toys and quality review of them is Toyportfolio.com for Oppenheimer Toy Award Winners.  See, post, “Oppenheimer Toy Awards for 2018 Provide A Wealth of Award Winning Toys That Are Tested On Children for Holidays 2018, and Toy Gifts At Every Price Point for the Year Long.”

They had four options for best teddy bear, three from the same company.

Manhattan Toy Greta or Hans Classic Teddy Bears


Manhattan Toy classic teddy bears got the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2020 for being “Soft as a cloud, these under-stuffed huggable are designed for loving.. ..Both are 15″ charmers for baby and toddler with legs and arms so easy to grab and soft silky plush that doesn’t shed.” Shrinkage must have reached Manhattan Toys as they are now described by Amazon as 11” but with glowing five star reviews at $21! Buy at Amazon.

The next three Oppenheimer Toy Award teddy bears are all by Steiff. This was my favorite:

Steiff Soft Cuddly Jimmy Teddy


An Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2019 winner, suitable for toddlers and preschoolers, this is the Oppenheimer review:

“His name may be Jimmy, but to us, he looks a lot like the real Pooh Bear! He has a lovely sweet face and a honey-colored textured coat that’s deliciously silky to the touch. His floppy arms are under-stuffed and easy to hold. With a weighted bottom, this bear can sit up well for a tea party, on a lap or lie down for a nap, when needed. A big 16 inches of huggable! Also available in 12”.”

The following is the Amazon description of the teddy bear written by The Steiff Company:

“Steiff Teddy Bear Jimmy 40 cm – Plush Toy for Girls & Boys – Light Brown. Jimmy, our plush teddy bear, is a cuddly friend among the other teddy bears. With a size of 30 cm, it is a popular companion in everyday life. Steiff Teddy Jimmy – Dimensions: 40 x 25 x 15 cm – Fur: Cuddly Soft Plush – Colour: Light Brown – Flexible Limbs – Machine Washable at 30 degrees C [86 degrees F]. Steiff promise of quality. Margarete Steiff Company is the world’s most famous toy and plush toy manufacturer and has stood for the highest quality since 1880. The guiding principle of our company founder Margarete Steiff  “For children, only the best is good enough” is our company philosophy and shapes our work as well as each of our products. All our animals are hand sewn so they are unique. Each original Steiff animal proudly carries the Steiff “button in the ear” and also an ear flag as a further identification sign. This is proof that it comes from our company. Steiff animals are only genuine when they have the Steiff “button in the ear”. We wish you a lot of fun with this plush toy – Your Steiff team.”

Hundreds of five star reviews on Amazon, a bit expensive at $44, but a big 16” this is my grandson’s new teddy bear.  For our grandchild, “only the best is good enough!”

Buy at Amazon

Only 4 left on Amazon. Oops, now 3.



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