Grandchildren Will Love Easy To Make July Fourth Red, White and Blue Dessert Kebabs

When Fourth of July rolls around, it is great to come up with red, white, and blue desserts to make with grandchildren.  As with all the recipes, this Grandma recommends to make with grandchildren, they must be easy.  Always remember to cover your kitchen counters and floors with old towels for easy cleanup!

In 2021, I shared a recipe for a red, white, and blue cake.  “It Cannot Get Easier than A Fourth of July Red, White, and Blue Cake Made In Minutes For 2021 Celebration Finally With Family and Friends”

In 2017, it was GG Lee’s jello mold, which the family enjoys year round at family events.  It reminds us of how much we love her and think of her, even though she is no longer with us.  “Great Grandmother’s Jello Mold is Part of the Fabric of Our Traditions And Jello Even Works for Your Family Traditions for the Upcoming July Fourth Holiday” 

In 2015, it was red, white, and blue yogurt popsicles.  “Celebrating the Red, White and Blue. . . .Foods to Make With Grandchildren for the Fourth of July”

This year, I found a great recipe that is easily adaptable for the red, white and blue of July 4th by substituting blackberries for pineapples. 

Of course, it is very easy to make and can remind all of us of the frozen chocolate bananas we buy in the grocery.  For those of us who are adverse to using nuts, it is easy to use rice krispies; granola; red, white, and blue sprinkles; or more chocolate chips instead.  Our grandchildren would easily prefer more chocolate chips, as they have learned from this chocoholic grandma.


2 bananas, cut into 24 1″ pieces

24 large blackberries, rinsed and dried

12 large strawberries, rinsed, dried, and halved

2 cups milk chocolate chips

1/2 cup peanuts, chopped (can substitute rice krispies; granola; red, white and blue sprinkles or more chocolate chips)

12 wooden  skewers


1.         To make the kebabs, alternate threading banana, blackberries, and strawberries twice (total of 2 of each) onto skewer. Repeat process to assemble 11 more skewers.

2.         Place all on parchment-lined baking sheet.

3.         In a microwave-safe bowl, melt the milk chocolate chips in the microwave in 30-second intervals, stirring in between, until completely smooth.

4.         Drizzle chocolate over 12 kebabs and top with chopped peanuts; rice krispies; granola; red, white, and blue sprinkles; or more chocolate chips instead . Cover and freeze until ready to serve.

5.         If you are really lazy or have very young grandchildren, buy Diana’s Bananas Banana Bites to put on the skewers with the strawberries and blueberries, drizzle more chocolate and coverings of your choice and put back in the freezer. Forget about the nuts and the rice krispies. 




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