Cars, Trucks, Construction Vehicles and Toys and Books Galore For Holiday Gifts 2021

Having five grandsons means learning a lot about cars, trucks and construction vehicles.  Our youngest grandson, age three, has a girl cousin, also age three.  Watching them at his house playing with his cars, trucks and construction vehicles was enlightening.  They both lined every matchbox size car in a row.  They both use the flatbed trucks to load them up with cars.  They both seemed to know what to do with construction vehicles.  Think about giving your granddaughters, as well as your grandsons, an introduction to cars, trucks, construction vehicles and books about them for holiday gifts.

All toddlers and preschoolers love Richard Scarry books, which are classics, and there is of course, “Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go,” a must have book for grandsons and granddaughters.

If your grandchildren do not own a collection of Richard Scarry books, you can buy a collection of ten favorites on Amazon, or pick the topic you think the grandchild would like the best.  They are great vocabulary builders.

Now to Cars, the Disney Pixar Movie series and everything that has followed, from books

Matchbox cars have been around for decades, and their popularity continues.  Our three year old grandson can identify every make and model of every car on the road from his Matchbox collection, car sets, and toys, which is huge as he inherited many from his two older brothers.  But, he seems to never have enough.  A small set is a great visit present, too.

From very small, next we go to very big.  Bruder trucks and constructions vehicles are the best large trucks and construction vehicles according to our grandsons, and their parents. They are made to scale, just like the real thing with detailed finish, sturdy construction, and

suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  Yes, they are expensive, and they last through several grandchildren. Home Goods sometimes has them at a great discount, so watch out for them and collect them from Home Goods during the year for holiday and birthday presents.  Target carries Driven trucks and construction vehicles which seem to be similar and cost much less than Bruder trucks.  Our grandson is now is developing a collection of those.  Target has great sales to watch for, and also Marshalls sometimes has Driven trucks and construction vehicles at a great discount.  I just found two discounted Driven construction vehicles at Marshalls this week, saving them for holiday gifts.  Even though our grandson has them in Bruder, he cannot get enough to line up in a play repair garage or play fire station.

This Grandma loves getting books for grandchildren.  Remember you may have to read each multiple times in one sitting!  We have the patience and time to meet our grandchildren’s desire to hear the same book again and again.  Also, they soon memorize them and “read” them back to us.  Above links about Cars, the Movie, include board books, hard cover books, first reader books, and activity books.  Here are some of our youngest grandson’s favorite books on cars, trucks, and construction vehicles.

The Little Blue Truck Books.

There are board books, hardcover books, sound books, holiday books, sticker books, and more for the Little Blue Truck Books.

Our youngest grandson’s favorite is “Little Blue Truck Leads the Way.” I think I know it by heart.

Where Do Diggers Sleep At Night.

This board books is a favorite, especially at bedtime.  There is now a series of these books to add to a collection.

Do You Know? Vehicles and Transportation.

This is a brand new book.  96 pages of answers to any questions about the subject.

Construction Site: Road Crew, Coming Through.

Another brand new book about construction vehicles building a brand new highway.

Happy shopping for the holidays!  Hope you find the cars, trucks, and construction vehicles and  books about them that will keep your grandchildren happy for hours.





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