A Royal Becomes A Spokesperson On Menopause So Maybe The Discussion Will Take On The Importance It Should

Hush! Hush!


Maybe no more.


“Sophie, Countess of Wessex is lifting the shroud of silence that surrounds women’s health topics today.”


“The royal mom of two, who is married to the Queen’s youngest son, Prince Edward, took on a new patronage Friday with Wellbeing of Women, Buckingham Palace said in a statement shared with PEOPLE. Wellbeing of Women is dedicated to saving and changing the lives of women, girls and babies through research, education and advocacy.” See, “Royal First! Queen’s Daughter-in-Law Sophie Shares Menopause Experience: ‘It Feels Like a Shackle’” by Royal First! Queen’s Daughter-in-Law Sophie Shares Menopause Experience: ‘It Feels Like a Shackle’” by Janine PUHAK, People Magazine, May 21, 2021.


She said, “ We all talk about having babies, but nobody talks about periods, nobody talks about the menopause,”


Women are taught from an early age not to discuss feminine issues. The funniest photo I just received was from our youngest daughter. The caption was


Our youngest grandson, age 3, found and I quote him “A whistle. Moms whistle”


He had the pusher part of a tampon in his mouth and was pulling the bottom apart by the string.


I doubt many young girls could identify one as well. I know I did not know about periods. My mother, as did many other mothers six decades ago, slapped me across the face when I told her I was bleeding. I asked why. She apparently did not know, because she said it was a tradition when a girl became a woman. Unfortunately, it is still the dark ages when it comes to women’s issues.


So, when I reached menopause age, I also knew nothing. Women do not want to face aging in America. We do everything to look and stay young. So, writing this blog as the mother of two daughters, I wanted to share everything I learned and know.


In 2019, I shared “Best Four Tips We Boomer Women Should Share About Menopause and Beyond.” http://grandmother-blog.com/blog/2019/03/07/best-four-tips-we-boomer-women-should-share-about-menopause-and-beyond/


Tip Number One: Talk about Menopause to Those You Love and Be Sure to Tell Them All About Your Menopause

Tip Number Two: Weight gain in Menopause Will Make You Crazy But Wait Until You Are Done To Try to Lose It


Tip Number Three:  The Buddy System and Effexor will Get You Through Menopause Less Scathed


Tip Number Four:  Talk About Life after Menopause With Those You Love and Be Sure to Tell Them All About Your Post Menopausal Experience


The tips in the blog post contain detailed information about menopause and how to navigate it, still fabulous and the best. Pass it along. Women need to be educated and educate others. I cannot believe how little things have changed in decades.


There is new research to share now as well which “shows that perimenopausal and menopausal people also experience brain fog, anxiety, and depression at staggering rates—despite the relative lack of discussion surrounding them.” See, “These Mental Health Symptoms of Menopause Don’t Get Mentioned Enough but Affect the Majority of Women,” by Kara Gillian Brown, May 22, 2021, Well + Good. The article also contains a wealth of information, including about weight and menopause, hormones, and discussions to have with your gynecologist.


British royalty is raising the veil on woman’s issues. American women should do so too. Really! It is 2021 after all.







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