Four 2021 Best Inexpensive Gadgets For Feeding Toddlers and Preschoolers That Are Perfect Baby Shower, First Birthday, and Visit Gifts That Parents Will Appreciate

We grandparents, (AV) after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, are planning multiple trips to visit grandchildren. We Florida grandparents love that our ability to visit coincides with warmer weather up north and hot weather in Florida.  When we were parents, we did not have the types and variety of gadgets that helped us help our toddler and preschool aged children with feeding.  Some gadgets that this Grandma loves are actually for the parents of our grandchildren.  Let us not forget that helping them also helps our grandchildren.  Here are my favorites that I wish I had when I was a parent of toddlers and preschoolers.


Cutting toddler food into small baby bite-sized pieces so the child does not choke is a chore no more.  There are plastic food cutter scissors that easily and quickly do the job cutting food into pieces of not more than 1cm (0.4in). They even come with a clear plastic case as if we take toddlers to restaurants, which we try not to.  It is also inexpensive, BPA free, and top-rack dishwasher-safe.  Unfortunately for us Boomer grandparents, we may need this gadget to use for our elderly parents, as fortunate as we are to still have them in our lives. Buy at Amazon.


This Grandma always thought these nylon kitchen knives were great for cutting lettuce, but then realized hey are perfect for toddler hands who want to help in the kitchen and cut, and much safer than using other knives.  These are not sharp to the touch, come in three sizes, easily cut through most fruits and vegetables, are BPA free, and are inexpensive.  Buy at Amazon.

There are some larger sets that include knives the toddler or preschooler can begin to use as a utensil when eating.


There are lots of these on the market right now, even placemats that have a food catcher before the food hits the floor, but a big placemat serves a similar purpose.  My favorite is the ezpz Happy Mat, a large placemat where the plate and bowls look like a happy face, and comes in four colors.  As a grandma, I want a happy face in front of my grandchildren.  It also has two bowls.  I have found that food cut in small bites is better in a bowl.  The suction holds the entire mat in place, so it is better than a suction bowl, of which I have bought many.  It is BPA free, dishwasher and microwave safe.

For travel or smaller highchair tops, there is a smaller one by the same company that is also rated highly and a best seller on Amazon. It comes in many colors and with a reusable travel bag.


When toddlers want to carry goldfish around the house, a spill free snack keeper is a great option, but beware, they are far from 100% effective.  This Grandma bought two that were a precursor to the newest supposed spill free snack keeper, prior several “spill resistant” gyro bowls and Munckin snack catchers.  The newest snack keeper has better reviews, and Amazon offers all three in a package if you want to experiment.  The new snack catcher, Nuby 3-D Monster Snack Keeper, says it is BPA free and for twelve months old plus.  I think that is way too young, and that these are meant for walkers who are more like runners, not beginning walkers.  I think the Nuby 3-D Monster Snack Keeper looks like it is the best option for something so useful and is inexpensive.  Buy at Amazon.

These four above are inexpensive and can be combined for one great baby shower present or first birthday present.

If you are lucky enough to have these things in your grandparent home or the parents already hav found these four gadgets to use when feeding toddlers and preschoolers, do not despair.  There is a list of 26 new toddler and preschooler feeding products I found on Buzzfeed!

The Buzzfeed list includes specialty items such as toddler taco holders, practice chopsticks, and basics such as silicone cups and utensils.  The list even includes a diaper bag that converts into a toddler seat.  Be selective as I have tried a few that were just okay, so read the reviews before purchase.

Now, I wish there was something that did not cause parents (and us grandparents) to have to introduce new foods ten to fifteen times to toddlers for them to find the new food tolerable, one of five tips to try to get toddlers to do so.  Amazing how cookies don’t require this!










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