Two Best Moisturizers That Take Care Of This Grandma’s Wrinkly Crepey Thighs, Skin and Neck Beautifully

This Grandma has a dear long (we never say old) friend who must have been a medicine woman in another life.Whenever I or a member of our family has any medical related issue, big or small, I go to her. Invariably, she has a solution or recommendation that is helpful, or at least a direction as to where to go next. She does have two sons who are doctors so maybe she was the impetus for their career decision.  More often than not, whether instinct or common sense, I rely upon her advice and I am happy I did.

When my mother was my age, she had few wrinkles on her face.  See below as to possibly why. I was fixated on her thighs that developed a wrinkled crepey look that looked worse and worse. It did not seem to bother her as she wore bathing suits often. We live in Florida, after all. I always thought that I would do everything I could to not develop long (we never say old) age wrinkly crepey skin on my thighs. Yes, I bought and used expensive body creams, such as La Mer reparative body lotion. I heard that we should believe that the actress, Jennifer Aniston, used the Aveeno dark green topped body lotion for thirty-five years because it worked, and at such a reasonable price I slathered it on alternating with La Mer, as one was expensive and the other cheap. For years.  January 7, 2021, In Style Magazine, had an article by Rachel Nussbaum, about Jennifer Anniston being a spokesperson for Aveeno and Aveeno dark green topped body lotion.

Then, recently, I looked in the mirror at my thighs and my mother’s thighs looked back at me. I vowed never to wear a bathing suit again.

I lamented to my dear long friend that I have tried anything and everything and a long life had caught up with me. She said she uses one cream for her body and face and it works amazingly and is very reasonably priced. By the way, she has beautiful facial skin with few wrinkles, but she is four years younger. My mother nightly covered her face with Pond’s cold cream and had skin like hers. We laughed at the last generation that went to bed each night looking like ghosts. But, Pond’s cold cream was also reasonably priced to use generously.

I bought her cream. As she said, it is not greasy. It soaks right into your skin. She directed to use it right after showering while skin is still damp. I tried it on my face only once as I am addicted for twenty-five years to La Mer, but after the results on my thighs, I tried it a few nights a week before bed on my face.

And my thighs! I would not have believed it if I did not see it myself. Wrinkly crepey skin is gone. I do slather it on, fronts and backs of knees included, and I mean generously and a bit over generously, morning and night. I am afraid the results are going to reverse themselves.

For those who have read this blog for over a decade now, you know I do not readily recommend cosmetic products.  I personally can remember only one previous cosmetic blog post, and I still use those products. When I find something that works, I use it forever.  See prior post, The Millennials Could Learn the Top Four Beauty Products From This Grandma To Keep Them Looking Young and Fabulous.

No greasiness. Smooth and silky thighs. I love my long dear friend. I still may not wear a bathing suit, since the mirror shows more than my thighs that are problematic for me, but I can smile looking at my thighs.

What is coincidental is that there were two, not just one, article written about this product I found when I decided to share my experience. “This Multipurpose Moisturizing Cream Saved My Winter Skin — and It’s Just $17 on Amazon,” by Madeline Diamond, Travel & Leisure, March 3, 2021.  See, also, “Why does everyone have thoughts on Cerave?” by Roberta Schroeder, Harpers Bazaar UK, October 23, 2020.

I spoke to my esthetician about the moisturizing cream, and she explained that it has been around for a long time, the science behind this cream (particularly the ceramides, whatever that is), and told me that with oily skin or combination skin, I should not be using it on my face.  She confirmed it is a wonderful product at a wonderful price.

Of course, I shared this with my daughters, who I hope will now never see wrinkly crepey thighs at my age.

What is this best inexpensive body cream?

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

An odd spelling, isn’t it?  I hope you are as pleasantly surprised as I am at its efficacy (thank you Dr. Fauci for this vocabulary word that is now part of my everyday communication).  Amazon has it.  CeraVe Moisturizing Cream | Body and Face Moisturizer for Dry Skin | Body Cream with Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides | 19 Ounce

My other most bothersome issue looking in the mirror is my neck, and fighting a double chin for what seems like thirty years. My family genetics are that our chins sag into our necks at too early an age. Yes, I have done everything about this, and surgery was the only thing that was successful. I anticipate that the truth is that it is the only solution, but far from reasonable. Then, I do not know why, but one testimonial article I read and reread about a product I found intriguing.

This Anti-Aging Neck Cream Has Been Selling Like Crazy Since It Launched,” by Kara Cuzzone, PureWow, January 15, 2020.

The before and after photographs on line showed an efficacy that was realistic from a cream, a reasonable result that would be wonderful. Yes, I see a slight difference using it morning and night, enough of a difference to make me happy.  I already bought my second jar.  I am now addicted to this product, which I believe may keep me from going under the knife ever again.  A little goes a long way which makes up for an expensive price.

Of course, I shared this with my daughters, who I hope will not inherit as bad a problem as my chin and neck problem is to me.

What is this best tightening neck cream?


StriVectin TL Tightening Neck Cream Plus 

Amazon actually sells it for a competitive price of a bit more than $70, at least less than Ulta charging retail $95 right now, even with an Ulta gift with purchase.  StriVectin TL Tightening Neck Cream Plus

I still own lots of bottles of Aveeno Moisturizer.  I should check if they have an expiration date.





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