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Weekly Zoom With the Family Is A Positive Benefit of the Pandemic

GG (Great Grandmother) Lee is 97 years old. We got her an IPad years ago as a birthday present and she is pretty proficient. Since the start of the pandemic, like many other families, our family has set up a weekly Zoom. GG loves this time, giving her a chance to connect with all of […]

Resilience in Ourselves and Our Grandchildren has Taken On Greater Meaning During the Pandemic

In 2014. I first wrote about building resilience in children and how we grandparents could be of assistance. Pandemics were not on my radar. We now know our grandchildren are dealing with a once in a century crisis. We can help. This Grandmother is a child of Holocaust survivors. As adolescents and young adults, my […]

Documenting Baby’s Growth Month By Month During the First Year

This Grandma loves receiving monthly pictures of grandma friends’ babies documenting their growth so much so that this is my third blog post with tips and links. When a long (we never say old) dear friend became the grandmother of her first grandson, after teenage granddaughters, I thought how much fun this would be for […]