Emily in Paris is the 2021 Best Bad TV to Watch and Maybe Share With Grandchildren

I receive Netflix and HBO Max suggestions from friends on a daily basis during this pandemic. We grandparents are one generation older than our children, the parents of our grandchildren, compulsed on podcasts and reality shows. Our grandchildren are compulsed on Tik Tok, Instagram and You Tube. Our almost ten year old grandson has his own YouTube show! Please subscribe (whether or not you intend to look twice) and pass along to your grandchildren: Neoscho. Apparently, subscriber numbers mean lot to even our younger school age grandchildren. I do not understand one thing he is providing and promoting on his YouTube show.
Many of the recommendations from those of my generation are the best of tv while we are stuck home during Covid-19. However, suspenseful story lines, etc. are not working for me, with the exception of The Queen’s Gambit, The Undoing and The Crown. Life is suspenseful. Life is difficult. All that we enjoyed in life is suspended.
Then, when I complained that I was looking for light, silly, meaningless fluff, one friend recommended Emily in Paris, warning to get through the first few episodes. She said it is the best bad tv for 2021. Immediately, I looked it up. I found out that it is perfect bad tv.
First, it highlights the best of Paris. In this time when we all long for travel, it gives us vicarious jaunts through this most magical city. Second, the actors are vibrant and interesting characters. Third, Phil Collin’s daughter, Lily Collins, as Emily is adorable. She produces it and introduces a millennial view of Paris and a millennial view of tv, with Instagram and influencers throughout. That gave me the impetus to watch this fluff with our granddaughter. Our granddaughter lasted just three episodes and I realized why. She is only fourteen and not interested in the fashion and fashionable Paris. Those of you with older or teenager grandchildren into fashion will have a great series to watch with grandchildren. We took her older brother to Paris, his favorite city.
Consider Introducing Your Grandchildren To The World, Beginning with Paris
Now it is apparent that we must introduce her to Paris as well. The itinerary and guide we used are the best. Bertrand is now doing virtual tours for those who want to enjoy Paris during the pandemic. Subscribe on his website for insider information on Paris and even private virtual tours.
I just finished season one of Emily In Paris and read there is going to be a season two. Wonderful!
So, the pandemic has created a new television genre — best bad tv. Give it a try with

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