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Our Holocaust Family History, Part II. My Mother, Holocaust Survivor

My mother, born Feiga (“little bird” or Zipora in Hebrew) Jelen, for whom our granddaughter is named), rarely spoke of the Holocaust. When her first great grandchild was born, she wrote: “There is an outpouring of emotion. Remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust.  Resistance. Remembrance. Survival. Centered on one basic lesson–to never forget.  The […]

Our Holocaust Family History, Part I. My Father, Survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and Treblinka Concentration Camp Uprising

Our granddaughter, in eighth grade, is studying the Holocaust.  We took her to Israel for her Bat Mitzvah where our Yad Vashem Museum guide, Mindy Ribner, had studied our family Holocaust history and took us directly to exhibits related specifically to our family.  Although I am so familiar with it, experiencing our family history through […]

We Americans Who Are All Immigrants to Our Country Created the Fabric Of Our Society, Wear or Carry or Wave the Red, White, and Blue, So How Can we Show Our Loyalty To America?

The presidential election vote is in and shows that we are clearly divided as a nation.  President-Elect Biden’s priority is for our country to take control of the coronavirus, COVID-19, to be able to safely open our economy and our schools.  With President Trump contesting the results of the election, nearly fifty percent of our […]

The Difference in American Life due to COVID-19 Between March and April 2020 and November 2020: Pandemic Loss of Memories and Sharing Life Passage Events Brings Tears

When the pandemic lockdown occurred March, 2020, I videotaped the three oldest grandchildren for them to save and look at their videos in ten years memorializing their lives during COVID-19.  We had a list of questions for them to answer, including how the pandemic lockdown had changed their lives.  The oldest grandchild, age seventeen, was […]