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Board Games Are Selling Out in the Pandemic So Buy Early to Get The Best For Everyone in the Family for The Holidays, Especially a Board Game Called “Pandemic”

Now that we all are spending more time at home, the news today included that we may have another run on toilet paper as the coronavirus soars (so stock up, of course), and board games are included in the expected rush for the coronavirus surge which comes right before the holidays.  I suggest that whatever […]

Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg and This Florida Judge’s Immigrant Life Following Her A Decade Later. Parallels Demonstrate Six Keys To Success For Grandchildren and How To Honor Her Legacy

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a giant among us and her loss has been felt nationwide.  The following two quotes I received from friends and relatives upon the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second woman Justice and first Jewish woman justice, touched me the most. “A Jewish teaching says […]

The 2019 Most Popular Baby Names Have Few Surprises But the Biggest Surprise is How The Impact Of Current Affairs and The Coronavirus Have Overshadowed the Announcement

This Grandma loves seeing the Social Security Administration’s listing of the most popular baby names of the year.  If you put the term “baby names” into “search this site,” on, you will see all the previous most popular baby names going back seven years! Usually there are so many articles about the baby names […]

Halloween Celebration and Decorating in the Age of COVID-19 Coronavirus

Everything seems different and chaotic in this COVID-19 coronavirus time in our lives.  Each year this Grandma buys Halloween costumes for the grandchildren.  It has become my thing.  This year, with the coronavirus, the CDC has so many Halloween celebrations recommendations and limitations, I hope the grandchildren will NOT be trick or treating at all.  […]