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PART ONE of Learning Tips to Pass Along and Incorporate With Your Grandchildren During Remote On Line or Part Time Learning and Any Time

At this time of remote or part time learning, we are all concerned about how much our grandchildren are going to retain.  I hope the two blog posts on my interpretation of learning theory I have found helpful hopefully helps us grandparents help our precious grandchildren. After having taught elementary and middle school for seven […]

A New Scientific Study Shows How We Grandparents Cause Ill Will Between Us and the Parents of Our Grandchildren Over Parenting and Tips and Ideas to Preserve Access to Our Grandchildren

“Half of Parents Report Butting Heads with Child’s Grandparent Over Parenting,” is a new study   from C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health at Michigan Medicine – University of Michigan, August 17, 2020,  in Science Daily. The summary and the conclusion contain grandparents’ greatest fear: “Nearly half of parents describe disagreements with one […]

Seven Great On Line Shopping Tips During COVID-19 or Anytime to Get the Best at the Best Price

In this time of COVID-19, spending more time in our homes, we are not only cleaning closets and reorganizing, we are looking to change or upgrade our surroundings. Whether redecorating an entire house or room, or replacing one item in the home, on line shopping is the way to go now.  Our daughters are doing […]

Marvelous, Outrageous, Extraordinary, and Maybe Some Useful Face Masks In the Mix to Make or Choose From for the Present and Future

Although we are loathe to consider it, it seems that face masks are going to be a means of remaining safe from the coronavirus, COVID-19, for a considerable time to come. This Grandma has a saying that when we consider ourselves too fat to buy clothes, we buy shoes. With everyone home more often than […]