A 2020 Mother’s Day that Means Thinking Differently About A Gift and Five of the Best Gift Options For Mother or Grandmother or Great Grandmother

Mother’s DayNever before have we had to be apart “social distancing” from our loved ones under the circumstances of a world-wide pandemic.  Many of us, like this Grandma, typically tried to have personal contact with our children and grandchildren for Mother’s Day, even traveling long distances to be together.   Now, we must savor FaceTime, video texts, and Zoom family gatherings which brings me to thinking differently about a gift for Mother’s Day 2020.  Please consider one or all of the following five best gift options for mother, grandmother, or great grandmother for Mother’s Day 2020.

Zoom or FaceTime Mother’s Day Family Gathering.

We did Zoom family gatherings for Passover.  Yes, we put in all of the safety controls recommended to prevent something called zoombombing (all this new vocabulary that has come upon us).  The experience actually put all of us around the world together, and was warmer and more loving than I could imagine.  The number one gift I can recommend this Mother’s Day is to put together and schedule a Mother’s Day Zoom or FaceTime family gathering.  We can share a meal on Zoom or not.  We can each plan the menu to coincide or not.  We can each prepare favorite family recipes or not.  We can eat them together or not.  The connection is what is important, not the length of time, or the content.

Target Shadow Box and Handmade Cards and Artwork

One of my favorite gifts is taking a Target Shadow Box and filling it with photographs or notes or keepsake items.  This is just the time to create such a memory box.  Consider filling it with old family photographs. Consider filling it with handmade cards or notes to mothers or grandmothers or great grandmothers from grandchildren.  Consider filling it with artwork made by children or grandchildren.  Since all the card stores are closed anyway, just send the handmade cards and artwork if the shadowbox is too much work or effort right now.

Plants or Flowers

We all keep hearing about the anxiety and stress of these times and the detrimental effect on all of us.   We are told to be in nature, and sometimes nature is just closed to us right now.  We know that living things in our homes, such as plants and flowers, lift moods.  There are so many benefits to live plants and flowers at this time.   New York Magazine printed an article in their Strategist column, “Mother’s Day Bouquets for Every Type of Mom (That You Can Order Online),” by Karen Iorio Adelson, that includes every price range and idea, including for fresh herbs for the cook.
If any local florists are doing take out or delivery for Mother’s Day, please consider calling locally where mother or grandmother lives to see if that is a possibility.  We want to support our local businesses when we can.  Most now deliver.

Chocolates and Sweets

Yes, we have all seen the cartoons of what we will look like at the end of quarantine, and they are not pretty.  I already am concerned that I will look like the cartoons.  On a normal Mother’s Day, I would not want chocolates or candy or sweets as a present, but this Mother’s Day, such a guilty pleasure is. . . a guilty pleasure.  Buying chocolates for myself brings on guilt, that just would not be there with a gift of chocolates from grandchildren.  Right now, Godiva is having a Mother’s Day sale.   David’s Cookies even has gluten free sweets.    Harry and David has gift baskets that include sweets and chocolates.  Again, think about shopping local.

Kitchen and Cooking supplies

We are all cooking home more than we ever did before.  This Grandma was perfect at making reservations.  Now, I try to support local restaurants that I love by having them deliver, but wearing gloves and a mask sanitizing the containers and microwaving the food is almost as much a chore as cooking at home.  I found a hand chopper that belonged to my mother so it has to be an antique.  My hand mixer is almost as old.  I read that Kitchen Aid is coming out with a battery operated hand mixer that will be fabulous.  My peeler is almost as old as I am.  There are updated versions of other kitchen products as well that mothers and grandmothers are bound not to have such as immersion blenders.  I bought an immersion blender for myself when they first came out, and bought them for my daughters for a previous Mother’s Day.  Think of kitchen and cooking supplies that did not exist when you were growing up or are new and improved versions of those your mother and grandmother used when you were growing up. OXO products are great and Bed, Bath and Beyond has 20% off with a coupon on Retail Me Not.   Beyond.com, Even new oven mitts or specialty sauces and recipe starters from Williams Sonoma would be welcome, and they too are having a sale.   There are LOTS of sales, so shop around.

Etsy Full Body or Face Photograph Dolls and Pillows

I added this as a suggestion for grandparents to send to grandchildren, but it works for a photograph doll of a grandchild or a grandchild’s full body or face for grandmothers for Mother’s Day.  These were previously advertised as deployment dolls, for active servicemen overseas.  Most are now sold out because many of us had the same idea.  You have a choice of full body or just face of the grandchild. I found a highly rated vendor on Etsy who seems to still be able to provide dolls and pillows now.

Full Body

Face Only

If you are looking for vast variety of choices for a Mother’s Day gift, see previous 2019 post, “Curated List of 309 Best Mother’s Day Gifts To Choose From or Craft For Every Kind of Mother and Grandmother At Every Price Point for Mother’s Day 2019.”



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