Best 2020 Baby, Toddler, and Young Grandchild Gifts for Quarantined Parents and Parents-to-be

BabyResearching for this blog post, this Grandma came across the most interesting brand new potty.  Yes, with two grandsons now over age two, this caught my eye.  I wish it had existed when I was toilet training our children when they were young.  I found toilet training to be one of the worst parenting chores, especially because, to be successful, most methods required the parent to stay home with the child.  Aha!  We all must stay home making this a perfect time for toilet training.  Recommend that the parents of your grandchildren check with their pediatrician, via telemedicine, I suppose, or check the various methods and timing of toilet training on the internet, as to when the child might be ready. When the parents think the child might be ready, or the parents want this for when the child is ready, this new potty (and award winning already) is it!  I sent the link to the parents of our grandchildren, and they responded almost immediately saying yes, please get it as a gift.  I love receiving a photograph “thank you” with the grandchild in the picture when I send gifts.  Now, is it appropriate for me to ask for a photograph of the grandchild on the potty?

Tomy Super Pooper™ Plus Potty (Y7820CA1) (recommended for 18 months and up)

What makes this super pooper potty special and different?  Just read the description on the website:

“Start your child off with a proper squat! The First Years Super Pooper™ Plus Potty helps your potty training toddler sit in the correct position with a foot lift for the perfect squat. The foot lift raises the legs above the hips for a natural, more relaxed squatting position that can help with pushing. To help encourage your child, this toddler potty system includes “flush” buttons that make realistic flushing and cheering sounds. When your child is ready, the trainer seat removes to help your child smoothly transition from the potty to adult toilet. There’s a high splash guard for less mess and a lift-out pot for easy cleaning after successful attempts.“

I try to always consult with the parents of my grandchildren before I purchase items for the grandchildren.  Before you spend the $34.99 plus $6.99 shipping, please consult the parents of your grandchildren as to whether it is something they want to tackle at this time, which can be overwhelming in and of itself.  They just might not have it in them to toilet train right now whether your grandchild is ready or not.

Now that everyone is cooped up, I tried to think smaller rather than larger for the items to include in this post.  Everyone’s space shrinks when we are confined.  I also concentrated on safety and security, which is foremost on everyone’s mind.  Most websites recommending best products for 2020 include the “standards,” necessary items to have on hand for babies, toddlers, and young grandchildren.  I tried to go beyond the standards, but if you are dealing with parents-to-be who need everything, Parents Magazine has listed the top baby products for 2020. lists the top 75 products if you want variety and this Grandma found the recommendations for best baby food maker, best sippy cup starting at 4 months and best organic nipple cream worth looking at.

This Grandma’s favorite list of best new products for 2020 comes from Working Mother Magazine.  Of their recommendations, this Grandma found 2 that I consider best for this quarantine period from their 2020 and 2019 lists. Check out all the recommendations, though, as there are interesting ideas at reasonable gift prices. ht


Nanit Breathing Wear, part of Nanit Complete Monitor System with Breathing Motion, an expensive item that grandparents can combine with others as a baby gift, described as

‘This breathing wear is attached to an app parents can monitor anywhere. Last year, we included the Nanit Plus in our roundup of best new monitors for 2019. This year, Nanit took their monitoring system a step further with the launch of Breathing Wear, a line of swaddles and breathing bands (for babies who are no longer swaddled) that work with the brand’s Nanit Plus camera to help parents monitor a sleeping baby’s breathing. The camera is designed to read a pattern printed on the swaddles and bands, then translate it into information about breathing that’s delivered to parents via an app. Current Nanit Plus users can purchase the Breathing Wear separately, while new Nanit customers can purchase it with the monitor (Nanit Breathing Wear: $49.99; Nanit Complete Monitoring System: $379 with wall mount or $449 with floor stand,” Buy on Amazon where the system and camera quality got good reviews:


LaVie Warming Lactation Massager.  To make breast feeding easier, our baby nurse used to take two infant disposable diapers and heat them with hot water to put on mother’s breasts to warm them.  This does the same thing but is better because it combines heat and massage.  Every new mother is stressed, and we are now in a terribly stressful time where any assistance in this vein would be welcome. The description on line:

“Built-in rechargeable batteries mean you can even pump in (relative) comfort at work thanks to this nifty little massager. Any product that makes breast-pumping faster gets our stamp of approval. That’s the idea behind LaVie’s Warming Lactation Massager, which uses heat and vibration to help improve milk flow and relieve pain. Say goodbye to plugged ducts, engorgement and other breastfeeding woes—just place the device right above your breast-pump flange and watch the milk flow. ($80,”

Forehead Thermometers

Because we have all have seen the forehead thermometers used to see if anyone has temperature in scanning for coronavirus, I researched these.  The parents of our youngest grandchild already have two versions and say they do not work.  They have an Iproven model, which has a double check for ear and forehead, and they felt they got faulty forehead readings.   The newest version, Iproven DMT-489 is recommended by the Wirecutter as recently as April 10, 2020.  Take a look and see what you think.

Photo Doll Pillow

Okay, this is for us grandparents to give to the grandchildren, a pillow that has a full body photograph of us grandparents to give our grandchildren because we cannot be with them.  These were previously advertised as deployment dolls, for active servicemen overseas.  Most are now sold out because many of us grandparents had the same idea.  You have a choice of full body or just face. I found a highly rated vendor on Etsy who seems to still be able to provide dolls now.

Full body

Face only


Time to shop on line while we too are home with






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