Matching Books and Organic Sleepwear For Sizes Two to Ten Make the Best Holiday Gift for 2019

PajamaThere are certain websites that I have signed up with, usually because they relate to something dealing with grandchildren.  Hatley is one of them.  The mother of our youngest grandchild loves Hatley organic sleepwear.  Whenever I ask what to bring for a visit present for the youngest, a toddler, she does not say toys, sometimes says books, but always says another Hatley footed pajama set.

I just received an email about new Hatley products that are a win-win.  Hatley has combined favorite picture books with matching sleepwear, many with holiday themes.

Hatley calls it “Books to Bed.”  The most clever part is that the beautiful illustrations from the books are on the sleepwear, so when grandparents read the book with the grandchild, in person or via Face Time, the children can try to find the illustration on the sleepwear they are wearing.  Remember, if reading via Face Time, it is good to have a second copy of the book to point to from your location.  The books are hard cover.  The sleepwear sizes go from 2 to 10, and the sleepwear is 100% organic cotton and 100% adorable.

Each “Books to Bed” set is $50 plus shipping.  Remember if you sign up as a new subscriber, you get 15% off your first order.  The promo code is emailed to you within 24 hours.  Also, there will be specials to look out for and promo codes for shipping.  And, always check Retail Me Not for promo codes before you buy anything.

Here are easy links:


How to Babysit a Grandpa Book and Pajama Set

This pajama is light blue so appropriate for girls and boys.

How to Babysit a Grandma Book and Pajama Set

Unfortunately, Hatley is a bit behind the times in making this set the color lavender.  I accidentally bought our youngest grandson a Hatley set with a red and white striped top and  pink printed pants.  He loves it.  Maybe it is this Grandma who is wrong about colors of pjs.


Twas the Night Before Christmas Book and Pajama Set

12 Days Of Christmas Book and Red Pajama Set

How to Catch Santa Book and Pajama Set

How to Catch an Elf Book and Pajama Set

12 Days Of Christmas Book and Green Pajama Set

The 12 Sleighs of Christmas Book and Pajama Set

The Nutcracker Book and Pajama Set

The Nutcracker Book and Nightdress Set

Both Nutcracker sets are in pink.

MORE FOR BOYS (Boys first with five grandsons!)

Cars and Trucks and Things that Go Book and Pajama Set $50.00

They only have this up to size 7 in stock.  I bet it all sells out quickly.

There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight Book and Pajama Set $50.00

This is already sold out in size 10.  It is light blue in color and could also work for girls.

Steam Train, Dream Train Book and Pajama Set

This is sold out in sizes 8 and 10.  It is tan so would also work for girls.

Huggie & Stick Book and Pajama Set

Not familiar with this book, I checked Amazon’s review, which rates the book highly, and as it is light blue, could be unisex.

“From Drew Daywalt, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Day the Crayons Quit, comes a hilarious buddy-comedy picture book starring a grouchy stuffed bunny and a happy-go-lucky stick.”

“When super cheerful Stick and grumpy stuffed bunny Huggie get thrown from a backpack, the adventure is on! Together this odd couple survives encounters with sea-faring pirates, raging rhinos in Africa, sword-wielding royalty in Europe, stick-eating panda bears in Asia, sharks in Australia, hungry penguins in Antarctica, and piranhas in South America–all before finally making it home to North America. A fantastically funny read-aloud about two unlikely friends and their epic journey around the world.”


My favorite book for girls:

Madeline Book and Pajama Set

Madeline Book and Nightdress Set

Eloise Book and Pajama Set

Eloise Book and Nightdress Set

Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse Book and Pajama Set

Princesses Wear Pants Book and Pajama Set

Uni the Unicorn Book and Pajama Set

Uni the Unicorn Book and Nightdress Set

Dear Girl Book and Pajama Set

Hatley has a companion website called  Check this out for stocking stuffers, but most of all for family matching pajamas for every member of the family, a great fun holiday gift.









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