If You Have A Toddler Grandchild, Baby Shark Has Already Invaded Your Brain, and Will Add To Your Holiday Shopping List

PinkfongOn our last visit to our youngest grandchild, a toddler, his eight year old brother was humming a tune we grandparents were not familiar with.  We asked him what he was humming.  He said “Baby Shark,” as his younger brother loved it.  He said the song gets into your head and you cannot stop humming or singing.  He was shocked that we had not heard it.  They live in the Washington, D.C. area and know the Nationals, who just won the World Series, and have the song as their theme song.  He said everyone knows “Baby Shark.”  He grabbed our toddler grandson, ran into the living room, and said, “Alexa, play Baby Shark.”  Our toddler grandson started dancing even before the song started.  Holding hands, our two grandsons laughed as they danced around the room to “Baby Shark.”  Of course, I videoed their dancing and singing and laughing.  I watch the video constantly, and it raises my spirits every time.  “Baby Shark” has invaded my brain and I find myself humming the tune without realizing it.

Be careful.  Once you see the you tube video and hear the tune, you too will be hooked.  If you have a toddler grandchild, and it is your first grandchild, introduce him or her to “Baby Shark,”  if he or she is not already a fan.  It took the eight year old with a toddler brother to introduce us to it.   Korean YouTube channel Pinkfong released the video in 2015!

Whether you are listening to “Baby Shark” for the first time or the fiftieth time, know that this holiday season, or for visit presents, you will want to consider the numerous Baby Shark themed gifts for your favorite toddler.

Choices in order of preference include:

Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Sound Book

When I showed this book to our toddler’s mother, she said to buy it for him.  It is “perfect” according to the reviews, as it plays “Baby Shark” in its entirety.  It has all the words for this song and nine other songs.  Yes, you will need to buy extra batteries.  There is one review that I love:

“Are you single and hate your friends’ social media full of kids? Well this is the gift for you! This book plays FULL length songs! In my day, we only had 1 second sound effects with book and that was me punching my brother. To maximize the torture, show the child the small switch on the back of the book that turns the sound on and off so their parents don’t use the old “the batteries died” excuse. Highly recommend and you may want to order soon this book has been listed as a violation of the Geneva Convention.”

Buy at Amazon for $19.99.

Pinkfong Baby Shark Melody Shape Sorter

Another shape sorter to consider for the Baby Shark fan.  When the toddler places all baby shark characters into their designated spots, the baby shark song will play in full! (Full-length English version).  In addition, when each shape is placed correctly, the character will name the shape. Once all shapes are sorted, baby shark will congratulate the toddler with a special message. Batteries are required. $19.97 at Amazon.

Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Song Doll – Baby Shark – in English

There are three favorite characters, Mommy Shark (pink), Daddy Shark (blue), and Baby Shark (yellow), to choose from.  You squeeze the tummy to hear four verses of the baby shark song.  It comes with long-life replaceable batteries, and you can be sure that you will need extra batteries.  It is perfect toddler size,  6.9 x 8.3 x 11 inches. $16.99 at Amazon.

Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark Battery-Powered Sing and Swim Bath Toy (Yellow) (Colors may vary)

This is an Amazon number one new release.  The only negative is that it is list for age 3 and above, with a warning that it is not for children under 3 years, as it has small pieces.   It swims and plays “Baby Shark,” of course. $18 and up.  Buy at Amazon.

Pinkfong Baby Shark Bath Squirt Toy – 4 Pack

For two year olds and up and BPA free, are baby shark, mommy shark, Daddy shark, and William. These bath toys squirt water. $9.84 at Amazon.

This Grandma could go on and on with more Baby Shark toys.  Just put in Baby Shark in Amazon.  However, the parents of your toddler will probably kill you.  You may want to do as I did and give the parent a choice of which to buy.  However, it really is difficult to stop with just one.  The toys are reasonable priced and guaranteed to bring laughter and joy to your favorite toddler.

There are even Baby Shark clothes, and t shirts.  Our daughter loves Hatley Baby Boys Organic Cotton Sleepers, and there is a Baby Shark model.

Happy Shark shopping!  I bet you are already humming “Baby Shark.”










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