All Grandmas Have A Magic Recipe That Even Children Not Their Own Grandchildren Love and Here is a Favorite For Magic Cookie Bars

magic-cookie-barsOur oldest grandchildren were excited to visit us in Florida for spring break, and were even more excited that our younger grandchildren’s grandmother was going to be with all of us too.  They wanted to know most of all if she would have time to bake.  I was curious.  I know that my specialty is making reservations, and as far as baking goes, I look for the easiest foolproof recipes.  I knew that our younger grandchildren’s grandfather was a gourmet cook, but did not know, after all these years, that their grandmother was a gourmet baker.

I asked the older grandchildren what they liked that she baked.  “Magic Cookie Bars,” they exclaimed.  They love her magic cookie bars.  Of course, she made all the grandchildren her famous magic cookie bars even though she was on vacation too.

I had the opportunity to sample these magic cookie bars, and agreed they were wonderful, and do not want to even think about how many calories are in one bite.  The grandchildren ate them all in one sitting.  Truly magic.

The best magic was that she shared the recipe and it is easy and foolproof and so right for this Grandma too.

Here is the recipe so you can also delight your grandchildren.




1 stick of butter

1 packet of graham crackers – crushed into crumbs

1 cup of chocolate chips

2/3 cup of Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk

1/2 cup of coconut


Melt the butter in an 8×8 glass oven proof dish (pyrex)

Add the graham cracker crumbs – pack down with a spoon

Evenly pour on the condensed milk

Add the chocolate chips

Sprinkle on the coconut

Bake in the oven at 350 for around 25 minutes.







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