Oppenheimer Toy Awards for 2018 Provide A Wealth of Award Winning Toys That Are Tested On Children for Holidays 2018, and Toy Gifts At Every Price Point for the Year Long

toyThis Grandma found the Oppenheimer Toy Awards years ago.  The website, a few years ago, was redesigned and hard to navigate.  Looking for toys for the newest babies in the family, I found another redesign of the website, so  should again be the first place to look for award winning toys for 2018.

To be introduced to the awards, you can watch the segment on the Today Show that presents 2018 award winners.

The toy portfolio website is set up with various levels of awards.  This Grandma goes directly to the Platinum awards list, that, as with all the various levels, are divided up by ages.  There are direct links for purchase on Amazon.  Here are links to the 2018 Oppenheimer Platinum Toy Award winners by age group:




early school age


There are family game night choices and this year, this Grandma loves MarbleBrain Workshop Otrio, described as a new twist on Tic-Tac-Toe that even we grandparents will love,  the Oppenheimer Toy Award recommendation for family game night 2018.  This is a perfect family gift.

Awards are given in four categories. If you are a new visitor to the Oppenheimer Toy Awards, do not miss the Blue Chip Classic Award winners, which awards are “[r]eserved for classic products that should not be missed just because they weren’t invented yesterday. Products must be in the marketplace for five years to be considered for this award.”  If you have grandchildren with special needs, do not miss the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio SNAP Award winners, which awards are “given to products that can be used by or easily adapted for children with special needs.”

Yes, we must look at the newest “in” toys that the advertisers have pushed on our grandchildren so that they covet them.  However, this Grandma has found that those toys are easily discarded, while the Oppenheimer Toy Award Winners are played with year after year and handed down to the younger children.  They stand the test of time, as they have stood the testing of real children to reach award status.  Read how the Oppenheimer Toy Awards select the safest and best toys each year and you too will save a lot of time and effort thanks to Toy Portfolio

Happy toy hunting for the holidays 2018 and toy gifts for the rest of the year at every price point!






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